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Review #10: King Kunta- Kendrick Lamar

OMG. Strong Compton theme and very into it from the get-go. Obviously a great tune on its own. Oh and there’s a baby wearing sunglasses! And a chick with a “bae” shirt, but somehow not annoying! 111 more words

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If Star Wars was a Classic 80s Anime...

It would look exactly like this! Really got me routing for the bad guys here.

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Tony Stark Gifts a Little Boy an Iron Man Arm

I love how completely unfazed this kid is to meet Iron Man. Also such an incredible project! The real Tony Stark (aka ‘Robert’ Downey Jr.) surprised a young fan born without most of his right arm with a bionic prosthesis. 27 more words

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Dinosaurs Dad Hypnotizes to The Notorious B.I.G.

I heart the 90s AND mashups that make me miss them. Earl Sinclair from Dinosaurs as Notorious BIG!

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Banksy Goes to Gaza

Sneaking in through a series of illegal tunnels, Banksy entered the closed of community of Gaza that is growing in population but lacking all resources to rebuild after the bombing last July. 28 more words

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German Family Auto Tunes to LL Cool J

This is my new favorite. There are so many things to love: rap music sung with a German accent, dad in the back seat playing accordion (wiki wiki), how focused and proper mom is in her driving. 36 more words

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The Avengers Sing Christmas Carols

What better way to bring in the holiday than to watch some bad a** super heroes sing you some super sweet holiday tune!?! I always knew Sammy J. was secretly a softie.

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