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Blue Monday Using 1930s Instruments

First, I really think I should have lived in the past. I’ve always had a fascination with the 1930’s so I was sold from the title. 66 more words

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These Clothes Kick Ass

It is insanely impressive how creator Daniel Cloud Campos was able to make something as flat and lifeless as clothing and make it come to life in such a realistic way. 27 more words

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A few things + the beginnings of a valentines quilt

I’m working on a shop video for my Etsy shop. A new feature they have. This is not it. This is just me playing, trying to figure out what I want. 207 more words

Nick Offerman Saves Christmas

Nothing says the holidays quite like a crackling warm fire, wearing flannel, sipping scotch, majestic beards, and…Nick Offerman? Especially Nick Offerman. This man embodies all things Christmas. 16 more words

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