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Happy Top Ten Tuesday! Today’s topic is ten books that surprised me (in a good or bad way) and I love this topic! Here’s a list of ten books that, for better or worse, were different than I was expecting. 253 more words

Jennifer Egan Champions Freedom of Expression as the New President of PEN America

Written by Katie Martinez

According to Publishers Weekly, PEN America recently announced that Pulitzer-Prize-winning writer Jennifer Egan will be the new president of the organization. Egan will be taking over the position after Andrew Solomon, who has served as the organization’s president for the past three years. 254 more words


Manhattan Beach - Jennifer Egan

First, an admission of possible bias!! I love Jennifer Egan. ‘A visit from the Goon Squad” is one of my favourite books of all time. So while a Depression-era tale would not be one I’d usually choose, I couldn’t resist Egan’s name the moment I saw it! 420 more words

Susan was baffled at first, then distraught … But eventually a sort of amnesia had overtaken Susan; her rebellion and hurt had melted away, deliquesced into a sweet, eternal sunniness that was terrible in the way life would be terrible … without death to give it gravitas and shape. 74 more words


A Visit from the Goon Squad

By Jennifer Egan.

Jennifer Egan’s spellbinding interlocking narratives circle the lives of Bennie Salazar, an aging former punk rocker and record executive, and Sasha, the passionate, troubled young woman he employs. 949 more words


A Visit From the Goon Squad

Hmm…well I’m not quite sure what to say or think about this one. 🤔

In the beginning, it took me awhile to find my rhythm, but then I found it and was loving the book’s distinct (though pretty confusing) writing style. 100 more words

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