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Walking the Extra Mile


There is something extraordinary about love stories, something that makes them stand out against all others.

The simple scenario of two people falling in love is so endearing that no matter how many times the story is told it never seems to get old. 1,064 more words

25 Things To Do Before I Die

I recently watched (and read the book) A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, in which a trouble-making student, Landon, falls for the terminally ill Reverend’s daughter, Jamie. 239 more words


Ignorance is bliss?

Living in a world filled with confusion, we are often easily consumed by noises dictated by our needs and desires. Even to the same information we are given or same situation we go through together, different people see, feel and translate it differently. 1,616 more words

A Walk To Remember

The Fine Line Between Slavery and Freedom

It was while watching the old kid’s show “Fraggle Rock” that I heard the phrase that kinda hit me–hard. One of the Fraggles, Wembley, found himself a captive of the Gorgs, only in his mind he was appreciated, accepted, loved, and felt important and that he mattered. 383 more words

A Walk To Remember

ICYMI: Mandy Moore's 'A Walk To Remember' Throwback Will Give You All The Feels

Mandy Moore is moving and in the process, she’s unearthing some awesome nostalgia from her teen queen days.

On Friday (May 29), the singer/actress took to Instagram to share some of the finds, including old magazine covers, … 295 more words


"Melintasi Tragedi demi Tragedi"

Nama Nicholas Sparks adalah sebuah jaminan mutu, terutama bagi para penggemar kisah cinta. Novel-novelnya laris manis di pasaran. Dan sama dengan di sini, novel best seller… 917 more words

Profil & Wawancara


In light of Mandy Moore posting a throwback thursday (TBT) picture from A Walk to Remember, I decided to write about my journal that I keep. 361 more words