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A Day with a Warrior

Passed weekend was really a tremendous one. After some years I watched an epic historical fiction Indian film “BAHUBALI-The beginning” , written and directed by… 165 more words


The Soul Warrior: Thoughts are your Skills, Universal Laws are your Weapons, and the Field is your Magic

The Soul Warrior is now an E-book on Amazon.com

The Soul Warrior captures the spirit of many classic self-help and transformational books written over the past forty years. 224 more words

Choice Points

Day #621:A warrior does not rely on strength alone

A warrior of light does not rely on strength alone, he makes use of his opponent’s energy too.

When he enters the fight, all he has is his enthusiasm and the moves and strikes that he learned during his training. 105 more words

A man of great honor.

He sat in the rocking chair, swaying back and forth an inch or two,

His body old and frail, covered in a blanket which was blue. 209 more words


A Warrior's Heart (2011) Reviewed

Those who adore Twilight will probably love the film no matter how formulaic it may be, given the fact that the leads are Ashley Greene and Kellan Lutz in roles that do not have them white and pasty as vampires. 145 more words


EXPIRED: 06/10/11 – Al Schwimmer, 94, was the father of the Israeli Air Force, but was convicted of violating the US Neutrality Acts for smuggling 30 planes into Israel during the 1948 War. 53 more words


A Warrior Bold

By Edwin Thomas

In days of old, when knights were bold,
And barons held their sway,
A warrior bold, with spurs of gold,
Sang merrily his lay, 156 more words

My Grandmother's Clippings