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Come on MEN!

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children in the hands of a man in his youth. Psalms 124:7

I am feeling a little frustrated recently with men in our society, specifically Christian men. 554 more words

God's Leading

My Sense as My Lens

The lens of my sense has silenced me to my own sense accepting the sense of the lens as my sense
With these lenses full of senses that are not even mine, I go around creating more lenses over senses creating new perceptions of my senses… 217 more words

A Way Of Life

No Time to Know Time

From no time to time, I wake up to time
I run after time, for time, time after time, with no time for time to know time… 199 more words

A Way Of Life

Scarred Mask of Man

Great Wars are fought, Great scars are marked
On the Face of the earth and on the mask of the man
Wars remembered but the masks still rotten… 244 more words

A Way Of Life

Thought, Knot & Not

A thought is only a thought with no act to the thought
But when a thought becomes an act, the act has its own thought to influence the thought and thus another act, another thought… 296 more words

A Way Of Life

Dream of the Dream

I Dream of a dream in the dream of the dream
Dreams as my beams
Dreams as my streams
Dreams as my screams
And Dreams as my gleams… 234 more words

A Way Of Life

In Conversation with Adrian Lo

Pottery is as much a philosophy as it is an art form. In Mashiko and Kasama, two regions of Japan which is the home to some of the best potters in the world, this is especially the case. 2,348 more words