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All is a reflection of myself, reflecting myself the reflection of the self I call MY self
I see my reflection in the eye and in the I of every thing around me and within every act of mine… 462 more words

A Way Of Life

I be a ZERO

I wonder why ZERO (0) has NO value of its own and yet used in our numerical system as a value.
I wonder of its relationship to my state of being (whether it is psychological self or the physical self) 369 more words

A Way Of Life


I swing from the known to the known
for I only know the known that I have known

I find comfort in the known that I have known… 163 more words

A Way Of Life

Gervais Rousseau's way of life

A Way of Life may have come out a year ago but its message is timeless.

Narrated by 44-year old BMXer, Gervais Rousseau, the short documentary (by Julien Rodrigues) talks about all the things and places riding has brought him. 34 more words

Perception of Love

Many times I define love, many times I deny everything other than love
I speak of the love as the only one, for I have none to match the one I call, the one. 580 more words

A Way Of Life

Come on MEN!

Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children in the hands of a man in his youth. Psalms 124:7

I am feeling a little frustrated recently with men in our society, specifically Christian men. 554 more words

God's Leading

My Sense as My Lens

The lens of my sense has silenced me to my own sense accepting the sense of the lens as my sense
With these lenses full of senses that are not even mine, I go around creating more lenses over senses creating new perceptions of my senses… 217 more words

A Way Of Life