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No Stranger to Danger

She is, NO stranger to danger, she’d grown up, dangerously, being surrounded, by an assortment of dangerous situations, like that time her mother run out after her father in the pouring rain when she was little, still had that bottle heating up in the pot? 255 more words

Experiences Of Life

Me, the Prisoner of My Perception

Me as a prisoner of my own mind
I am a miner of the grind of my mind

Bound by the imagination of my infatuation… 309 more words

A Way Of Life

Me & the World

Born to the ocean of the world
Learning the ways of the world as my mold to hold
Looking at the world through my past hold… 343 more words

A Way Of Life

Replacements as My Replenishments

Replacements as my replenishments
Replenishments as my acknowledgements
Acknowledgements as my accomplishments
And accomplishments as my compliments

I lament in the cement of these replacements… 246 more words

A Way Of Life

Love, Memory & Thought

That which springs from the memory is not love
The mechanical repetition of memory is not love
The re-iteration of memory and reliving of memory in billion different ways is not love… 239 more words

A Way Of Life

Life through a few Loaves of Bread

For a few loaves of bread and a few grains of grub
In-between the joys of pleasure and the sorrows of pain
I find my life I call life, I define this as my life… 246 more words

A Way Of Life