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The Importance of Habits

Hello guys! Today I plan on talking about habits, their importance and a few habits of highly effective people.

Why is it important to form habits? 1,041 more words


A Formless Me

A formless Me, forming me from the dormant me, a storm of me
For a new norm of me, swarming me, deforming me, transforming me to reform me… 329 more words

A Way Of Life

52 Poems: Week 23 - A Way of Life

The hustle and bustle of everyday life,

Can get to our heads and stir up some strife.

So better to live with a heart full of grace, 10 more words


The Coming Years 

The gift during those coming years would be seen as having to find a way she could live for herself.

There would be no one who would challenge her. 49 more words

Life In General

Remembering a Nurse

Nursing is a calling, a way of life. Nursing is a service profession that cannot be lived in isolation. Nurses rely on each other for the synergistic effect of teamwork in our efforts of care giving. 546 more words

My Entries

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In honor of nurses

A Recycled Me

Maybe my memories are like that of time, recycled over and over
My experiences like that of matter, creating my reality as my actuality through my memories… 324 more words

A Way Of Life

No One Is Lonely

No one is lonely, No one is only
No one is alone, No one is one nor none
For the one to be the one, everyone has to become none to make the one everyone and none know one… 238 more words

A Way Of Life