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Challenge Me This

I’ve been thinking about this challenge and debating with myself whether to go with a certain topic or wing-ding it with whatever comes up for the letter of the day. 236 more words


Zulu Delta 45 Summer Reading Initiative

Big things happen in the summer. A “few years ago, Zulu Delta was born,  a little after that, the movie Jaws and Star Wars came out, and NOW? 116 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge Reflections

In retrospect, this month-long challenge was good for me. I can still say that, even after the whining, complaining, staying up at night thinking about topics, taking forever to write, obsessing, worrying, and stressing so much that I made myself ill. 259 more words

Mental Health

Pisces - A Tale Of Two Fishies

Gemini may be the Twins, but they are not the only “Dual-Sign” in the Zodiac.  Pisces symbol can look like a fancy capital “h”, but they represent two fish, swimming in different directions: 1,022 more words

Z is for ZaniLa

Z is for ZaniLa

The ZaniLa Rhyme is a form created by Laura Lamarca. It has 4 lines in each stanza.
The rhyme scheme ABCB; the syllable count is 9/7/9/9.
127 more words

A-Z April Blog Challenge

Y is for Yesterda

Y is for Yesterda 

Oka … in this case it was two  esterda s ago. I sat down to write a post for the letter Y and I lost the little one. 83 more words

A-Z April Blog Challenge

#AtoZChallenge: Reflection 2015

2015 A to Z Blog Challenge Reflection

Hurray! I survived another AtoZ Blog Challenge!

Unlike previous years, I had a pretty good feeling that I could complete this year’s challenge. 262 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge