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H is for Horses

Horses have an important role in the ongoing plotline of the Gauntlet Series. When I first came up with the idea of Alyn as a “horse mistress” it seemed somewhat common, so I decided to make her position much rarer than simply a girl who was good with horses. 471 more words


Announcing my Theme for the #AtoZChallenge 2015

Apparently I am late to the party this year. For some unknown reason, I am about a week behind everybody else this month. My brain refuses to accept that today is 27th March. 354 more words

Random Musings

Thinking Cap

One week from today the A-Z challenge will begin. I’m very excited about it even though I didn’t choose a theme. I’ve been reading some of the other writers’ blogs and themes that they have chosen, and am very much looking forward to following them. 132 more words


2015 A-Z Blog Challenge: Theme Reveal

Well…here I am AGAIN…another bout of being single…

  • “better alone than in bad company”
  • “just think of all that time you have back”
  • “now you have time to write again”
  • 413 more words
Positive Psychology

Blogging From A-Z Challenge Theme Reveal: My Favorite Books from A-Z

For YEARS I have been seeing bloggers participate in the A-Z Challenge, and every single year I don’t hear about it ahead of time so by the time I notice people doing it in April it’s already in full swing and so I don’t bother trying to catch up. 321 more words


A New And Exciting Adventure

I am one of, as of right this moment (but that can change quickly), 1166 people signed up for the http://www.a-to-zchallenge.com/.

Some people have what’s known as “themes,” where all their blog posts are tied together by a specific thread or idea. 128 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge

A-Z Blog Challenge 2015--Theme reveal

Theme Reveal

Welcome to my theme reveal for the A-Z Blog Challenge in 2015.  This year, my theme is all about Healing Crystals. Each day in April (except Sundays), I’ll post a snippet about a crystal or healing stone: how to use it, what it’s good for, whether or not it worked for me, a picture of the stone when I can, and a little rhyme about it.   76 more words

A-Z Blog Challenge