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D is for Davin

Davin is one of the more interesting characters in the series, and one that I feel achieves a great deal of growth. He starts out as someone with no interest in life after suffering through a traumatic and abusive childhood, and then losing his best friend through a situation involving paranoid jealousy. 557 more words


C is for Church

The Church in the Gauntlet Series is pretty much a cobbled-together mess with a loose basis in Christianity with several references lifted directly from the pages of their most popular book. 538 more words


B is for Brydon

Brydon is the main character in the Gauntlet Series, so it’s lucky for me his name starts with an early letter. He’s also my favorite character, despite Toryn’s endless charm. 491 more words


A is for Alyn

I started writing this series in high school and despite multiple revisions, the main plotline never changed, nor did most of the original primary characters. The initial concept I had for the book was simply “a group of adventurers going on some sort of quest”. 562 more words


And On The Sixth Day, Zulu.........

Never mind all that nonsense now….the 6th day is just the day after the 5th day…..

Hello all my fellow observers;

I just wanted to drop a note about my recent blogs on the United States, and leave just a few more thoughts. 439 more words

k is for kidney kids and Kath

I knew when I started this alphabetic blog tour that when I got to k, that letter would be about my sister Kath. What I didn’t know is that k would also arrive just as fall began. 808 more words


I is for insight incite and it's all right

Today in my Nia class, the instructor informed us that after 10 years she is leaving in order to earn a teaching credential. I didn’t sign on for Nia originally; it replaced a more standard kind of aerobics class that I took at my local YMCA. 824 more words