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A-Z Theme Reveal

Today is the day we reveal what our theme is for the April A-Z Challenge. I got the idea for my theme after reading a book entitled, … 173 more words


T is for... This is Fred

This is Fred.

This is Fred with hair on his head.

This is Fred: Dead.

Mmmm, delicious Fred.

A-Z Challenge

Just a Person

Labels are important.  That is how we humans make sense of the world around us.  Consciously and unconsciously, our brains take in the world around us, pile them neatly in file folders, and store those away. 408 more words

Soul Searching

N is for... Noise

You walk into a giant house.  You are standing in the entrance way, surrounded by tall mirrors.  You close your eyes.

Down the hallway, you hear someone in the kitchen.   563 more words

Soul Searching