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Y is for Yoga

Yoga is one of those things that is good for whatever ails you:

  • Improves sex life
  • improves flexibility
  • Is a great cardio workout (especially if you are doing Yoga X with Tony!)
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U is for Unshod

Have you ever experienced or heard about something and immediately it felt right and true to you? That’s how I felt when I first heard about… 130 more words

A-Z Challenge

P is for Probiotics

My foray into probiotics amounts to making my own Greek yogurt. It’s the live/active bacterial cultures in the yogurt that produce the probiotic effect in one’s gut. 282 more words

A-Z Challenge

O is for Organic

Even “Organic” is suspect¬†these days. Is it really organic? There isn’t much in the way of regulations to assure us that a label is what it says it is. 271 more words

A-Z Challenge

N is for Neti Pot

Learned about the Neti pot from a co-worker about two years ago when I was suffering from an upper-respiratory infection. It’s a bit disconcerting to use for the first time and I made a few mistakes but soon got it down and it was an effective tool in relieving my swollen and clogged sinuses. 177 more words


M is for (Book of) Mormon

This isn’t a post about the Book of Mormon per se, as in “What is the Book of Mormon?” which you can read here, but rather, how the Book of Mormon has recently become a “thing” I do. 426 more words


K is for Kettlebells

In 2014 I heard about the benefits of weight training with Kettlebells. Picked up a set which also contained a nice DVD so I was able to learn all the correct moves.  43 more words

A-Z Challenge