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A-Z Challenge: Q is for Quest

Here’s a funny thing.  I was planning to write “Q is for Quest” for some time.  For the life of me, I couldn’t think of something to write, but I was determined that it somehow fit into the theme of “Q is for Quest”.   725 more words


A-Z Challenge: P is for Perfection- Be the Best You Can Be

1) the state or quality of being perfect.

2) a person or thing considered to be perfect.

3) the action or process of improving something until it is faultless. 842 more words

Mental Health

A-Z Challenge: J is for Jazz

Ella Fitzgerald’s “A Tisket, A Tasket” always has and always will remind me of a childhood holiday in Ireland.  We had a green car, A737 TYE, and I would suck Silvermints and sit in the back with my sister and listen to that tune.   77 more words

A-Z Challenge

Z is for Zeke Pedrad

This is my last A-Z Challenge post! I had a lot of fun, but at the same time, I’m glad it’s over. I probably wouldn’t feel this way if I hadn’t missed a week of posts, but life happens. 169 more words

A-Z Challenge

Y is for Yeva Belikova

Again, literally the only character I could think of who’s name starts with Y. These last couple letters are near impossible.

Book(s) She’s In: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead. 125 more words

Richelle Mead

X is for Xander

Okay, so technically his name is Alexander, but the only person who calls him that is his grandmother, soooo. . . . I’m counting it. 113 more words

A-Z Challenge

W is for The Weasley Twins

I could have done the Weasly twins for F and G, but I wanted to do them together. Unlike somebody, (I’m looking at you J.K. Rowling.) I don’t think there should be one without the other. 149 more words

A-Z Challenge