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A to Z - L is for London.

London –

I used to love going into London, with friends or with family, There is always something so magical about the big city not to far from my home town.. 168 more words

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A-Z Favourite Movies

I love going to the cinema. I love watching movies at home or on the move – it’s my favourite part of flying in fact. I like finding new stories and revisiting old favourites…Adventure, Thrillers && Romance 170 more words


Everything, be my EVERYTHING

Just over a month ago I had the amazing and nerve-wracking privilege of speaking at our annual church ladies conference. Our theme for this year was Anchored; being anchored in God, anchored in his promises, his truth, his word, his spirit. 1,385 more words


Cuban garlic paste

Garlic is almighty. It is good for your health, might leave you with a stinky breath (no reason for not eating it!) and gives many dishes the final touch. 284 more words


A-Z: Criminal Cases

Criminal cases interest me. I don’t know what it is that intrigues me but I’m known for my daily reads into criminals and even doing a 5000 word school project on Children who kill – spoiler alert some of them end on this list. 5,554 more words

A to Z - K is for King of Kong.

King of Kong

Hello all, Dann here again.

Sarah asked me to take on the letter K in her alphabet series, and we’d all but agreed that it was going to be about Kickstarter — a brilliant topic choice of which there’s an absolutely mass of stuff to talk about. 629 more words

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FALL/September Playlist


Fall really is the best season. It’s usually not too hot, or not too cold (depending on location). It has all the best holidays: Halloween and Thanksgiving (and my birthday which is a plus for me). 207 more words