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INXS (Rock A-Z part #48)

On 22 November 1997, the rock world lost another hero to an untimely demise. No-one really knows how Michael Hutchence came to die – there’s been a lot of speculation – but one thing’s certain, the genius behind Australia’s INXS can now only live on in its twenty year history. 362 more words


Y is for You!

It’s been 25 weeks since we started this epic journey through the alphabet together, and sadly we are nearing the end.  At this critical juncture, just one letter away from the finality of zed, I thought I would bestow my Pharaoh powers on to you, dear readers. 124 more words


A - Z of me...Ambitious - Zzzzz

Massive thanks to Kerry from Fabulicious Fifty for nominating me to do this. Some of the letters I really had to think about. This is a great way for fellow bloggers & their readers to learn a little more about the person behind the blog…So here is the A-Z about me! 686 more words


D for Dance!

I am a Disco Dancer (dhan te tana)….I am a Disco Dancer (dhan te tana)…..went Mithun da – in a silver grey disco dancer dress, and a headband with wings/horns (!) A pelvic thrust here; a hop skip (slo-mo) jump there; Groupies in the back; Bappi Music; High energy everywhere. 873 more words


A to Z Writing Challenge #1: A Dark & Stormy Night....

Here is my rather Gothic take on the A-Z Challenge #1:

A dark and stormy night hung over the moor like an Elsinor arras. Boughs bent near breaking, the trees whipped and dipped in a wind-tossed tarantella. 315 more words

Dragon Keeper's Handbook

A to Z - Display Resources

This week, I’ve been sprucing up the maths corridor at College.

Here is one display that I finished yesterday.

Using information from the MathsCareers website, and my own research, I formulated an A to Z of companies which employ mathematicians. 134 more words

Thoughts And Ramblings

Summer [school] is here!

Well, not for me for the first time in six years. I might have managed a fair bit since having a baby — speaking at IATEFL… 858 more words