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V is for Visual!

At times, some of the best inspiration for a creative work comes from … well, other creative works. A painting can be an inspiration for a story, a story can be an inspiration for a ballet and a ballet can be an inspiration for a film. 149 more words


R is for: Raethmoor

Raethmoor is the northernmost settlement in the Old Crown, commanding a pass through the northern mountains. It has a reputation for the mystical, thanks in large part to the Arcanist Scholarium that dominates the southern half of the town. 280 more words


U is for Undo!

Most of us have things in our life if, given the opportunity, would go back and do it differently. We would take a chance, or wait a little longer to take one, or not take it at all. 606 more words


Q is for: Queenstown

As the capital, Queenstown is perhaps the jewel of the Old Crown, though in recent decades that jewel has become more tarnished and dull.

The settlement itself has been called Kingstown and Queenstown as it passed between heirs to the suldaanate. 555 more words


T is for Taciturn!

If there’s anything that’s common knowledge about the radio and music industry, it’s the notion that silence is to be avoided at all costs. Radio dead air is a near emergency, and modern music is growing increasingly loud and busy. 356 more words


S is for Simple Rules

By Jonathan Farrow from the Thoughtful Pharaoh

Consider the following: schooling fish, roundabouts, segregation, and human consciousness are all examples of the same fundamental property of the world.   1,110 more words


P is for: Peppertown

Peppertown is a young trading post, quickly becoming the capital of trade for the Spice Islands.

Mercantile interests from the Old Crown, the City of Festivals and Istan have all begun to move into the Spice Islands in the last few decades, eager to profit from the island chain’s abundant wildlife, and above all the spices. 194 more words