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X is for: Xenophon

Following a series of political, social and environmental disasters, the former state of Greece fell into civil war. One of the factions that arose called itself the Ten Thousand, modelled on the ancient army of the same name. 222 more words


The A-Z's of self-love 

In this modern age it seems self-love , in fact love, is an evasive idea we’re all struggling to grasp. Just take a look around you, there’s an unmistakeable lack of love floating about. 787 more words


Thoughts on Thoughts on Thoughts Pt2

Thought I’d do a part 2 on “Thoughts on Thoughts on Thoughts” because I have some things I need to say about different topics, but not enough to have a separate post for the topics :) 2,021 more words


W is for: the rest of the World


United by the African Union, the nations of Africa have come together to build several Pan-African projects, including the continent’s own space elevator and a reforestation effort at the edges of the Sahara. 580 more words


A-Z tips on being positive

hey again everybody i am currently putting together a competition for my blog readers to participate in so i hope this will be ready soon but for now here is an a-z top tips to try and stay positive through out life :D… 335 more words

Blogging From A to Z Challenge - Theme Reveal!

In the past few years, I’ve seen bloggers participate in the Blogging From A to Z Challenge. After picking a theme, they post something about that theme every day during the month of April (not including Sundays). 244 more words


V is for: Vehicular transport

From the solar array atop the beanstalk, cheap electrical energy is available across the Pacific, with interchangeable, rechargeable batteries powering most vehicular transport, from motorbikes and buses to speedboats and ferries. 181 more words