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A-Z – do we need one?

Dilemma of the day is…do we need an A-Z on our new website?

We’re thinking about the reasons why we do and why we don’t but at the moment there are more reasons against than there are for. 270 more words


B is for Batman

Time for the letter B in my alphabet series of Super-Heroes! I couldn’t think of any other super heroes whose names began with B at the time–I can now: Black Panther, Bishop, Black Widow. 9 more words


Fun with Food

I saw this A-Z list in some other blog which was about the attributes of the Blogger. So I thought, let me make my own A-Z list of favourite food dishes! 340 more words


Silly Quiz

Namaste folks!

Ahh questions! I love to answer questions! This is now a great little swap I almost did not notice, so I am extra happy I could participate :D… 315 more words


Z is for Zeno

By Jonathan Farrow from the Thoughtful Pharaoh

It’s early in the morning.  The caffeine from your morning cup of coffee has yet to fully kick in, but as you turn the corner, you see your bus.   915 more words


Looking back over three years of blogging

I became a blogger almost by accident.  An idea for a writing project – to collect the sayings, which I heard a lot in my youth – met with encouragement from my daughter and some trusted friends.  674 more words


Break free from bad habits

Although not all habits are bad, there are many bad habits that can negatively affect us in our lives, such as, unhealthy snacking, thinking negatively, smoking, stressing… 501 more words

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