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E is for .....

Eczema it’s driving me and Oscar bonkers.

He has patches on the sides of each knee and another patch on the nape of his neck which is really itchy and driving him insane. 247 more words

D is for ....

Diary and calendar, without it I’d be lost. My memory is shocking so I write everything down or it doesn’t get done. Sometimes people laugh at me because I make lists for everything but if I don’t then I forget stuff. 82 more words

I is for Influence

Do you know your natural influencing style? Understanding our default approach to influencing others can help you use it better. It can also stretch your range of influencing skills when your first choice isn’t delivering what you need. 778 more words

A-Z: Introduction

Asia Andrade is not your usual heroine. With her boyish appearance, rude rebutts, frank remarks, and stubborn attitude, she’s impossible to be recognized as a girl. 50 more words