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A to Z - U is for U2.

U2 –

I have talked about U2 a lot before on my blog, they have been an almost constant in my life since I first heard Elevation in the back of my dads car while on holiday in 2001, I of course fell in ‘love’ with Bono and his voice and as it turns out his large nose too haha. 166 more words

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The A-Z of a Masters Degree

A is for Anxiety – when you’re loosing the plot

B is for Booze, a little (or lot)

C is for Chocolate – to deal with the strife… 217 more words

C is for ....Christmas tree worm

Spirobranchus giganteus

It’s dark and cold out (in the UK anyway) and it’s only a month to go. Let’s bring some Christmas magic to the zoo. 521 more words


The A-Z Of Me

I am not the first person to do this, I actually say this over at Claire’s blog, you can see her post here. I actually just really liked this idea and decided to try to do it myself. 304 more words

A-Z Best TV Shows and Movies You Need to Watch

For my third post I thought I’d do something a bit more lighthearted, and since I watch excessive amounts of television, I decided this would be fun! 220 more words

A to Z - T is for Teen Mom.

Teen Mom –

Who doesn’t like a bit of trashy television, and to be fair, since the start of the Teen Mon franchise the series has gotten a lot more trashier as it’s gone along. 162 more words

Mummy Blogger


So what is attitude and why do we need it to be successful or achieve. It is a coincidence that A is the first letter and that attitude is the first behaviour that I believe we require to achieve anything that we want to do in our lives. 261 more words