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Interesting Facts: A-Z

Interesting fact: D

During your lifetime, you will produce enough saliva to fill two swimming pools

Oh, you thought you only spit a small amount everyday? 84 more words

An A-Z of Actors : Z

Finally at the end of this alphabet challenge, with ‘Z’. There are more surnames with ‘Z’ than you might expect, but I will limit my selection to three, for this last entry. 272 more words

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B is for ...

…baby brain

Before I was a mum I heard about baby brain many times. I definitely didn’t think ‘baby brain’ would happen to me. I may have thought it was just an excuse people used; pre-parenting judgement #1. 583 more words


An A-Z of Actors: Y

Quite a few to choose from in ‘Y’, and most of them have the surname ‘Young’. So, I will limit my choices to just three this time, leaving room for you to add your favourites. 375 more words

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Interesting Facts: A-Z

Interesting Facts: A

Armadillo shells are bulletproof

There exists in the world, that an animal is bullet proof. Armadillo, the name itself means “little armored one” in Spanish. 60 more words

An A-Z of Actors: X

I had to give up on this one, to be honest. Even the Chinese actors I know didn’t have ‘X’ surnames. But I wanted to leave the post open for you, in case you were saving one for this letter! 23 more words

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N is for Narrator

When we speak of a narrator, we’re talking about the person, or entity, telling the story. Depending on the type of story, there are different types of narrator. 1,674 more words