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Every Summer Has A Story!

Some Summer Sunny Quotes!

I walk without flinching through the burning cathedral of the summer. My bank of wild grass is majestic and full of music. 1,653 more words


Art Garfunkel Lashes Out at Paul Simon in New Interview

Art Garfunkel lashed out at his former Simon & Garfunkel partner Paul Simon in a scathing new interview where the singer accuses Simon of suffering from a Napoleonic complex and suppressing Garfunkel’s creativity. 35 more words


Pelajaran dari Kasus Afriani, Rasyid Rajasa, AQJ, hingga Christopher tentang Pentingnya Proteksi Kecelakaan

Data Badan Pusat Statistik menyatakan angka kecelakaan lalu lintas di Indonesia tahun 2013 mencapai 100.106 kali. Dari jumlah kecelakaan itu, yang meninggal 26.416 orang. Setiap jam setidaknya terdapat 12 kasus kecelakaan lalu lintas yang merenggut tiga korban jiwa. 710 more words


caught a moment

sip on back

and ride on the roll

and spoke of the before

and what it was so heard

and its own cause

and how it keeps on… 42 more words


took a moment

spend around

and dug its own best

and how it was heard

and then it reached a hook

and how it felt

and something so sly… 48 more words


Love and Other Dangerous Chemicals by Antony Capella (audiobook) - Narrated by Simon Vance and Kate Reading

Dr Steven J. Fisher is a young and brilliant biochemist (special subject: the female orgasm). He’s invented a Viagra-like pill for women – now he just needs his results to be perfect.

215 more words
Sexual Content - Moderate

The Gayatri. - The Most . by ;- Reflections- Foster Bailey

O Thou Who givest sustenance to the universe,
From Whom all things proceed,
To Whom all things return,
Unveil to us the face of the true Spiritual Sun… 401 more words