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anguish- ˈaNGɡwiSH/. noun.

I sat in the shower for an hour; raisin fingertips and water lukewarm, but I couldn’t move. So I sat on the porcelain ground, knees pressed to my chest, and tried not to close my eyes, because every time I did, I would remember the look on your face when I asked if you still loved me. 15 more words

The Encyclopedia Of Emotion

absence- ˈabsəns/. noun.

Absence isn’t just something you see, it’s something you feel. You’ve only been gone for a couple of days, and yet, there is vacancy on the couch next to me whenever I sit down to watch a movie, and an uninterrupted silence when my phone doesn’t go off with messages from you throughout the day. 26 more words


A+ NZ [13]

A+, New Zealand, for having a mandatory bicycle helmet law.

“A person must not ride, or be carried on, a bicycle on a road unless the person is wearing a safety helmet of an approved standard that is securely fastened.” 9 more words

johnlink ranks ALIENS (1986)

It has been a very long time since I have seen ALIENS. I will say that it looks so much better on Blu Ray than it did on the old pan-and-scan VHS I got out of the library in high school. 718 more words

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