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Alienware 17 R2

Having problems with your BIOS not running your fans on you sweet new beast alienware 17 R2 from Dell?

Thank Dell for the crappy BIOS coding. 108 more words


Visual Book: Content

For the content of my book, I chose to make an informational booklet about the app I designed for RetailMeNot this summer. My content consists of some marketing text as well as screenshots and high-fidelity mockups from the app. 19 more words


Breaking the Grid Exercise

When working through this exercise, I divided it into pieces. The first half of the piece focuses on evoking the locked-in nature of type as emphasized in the phrases “…print locks words into position in this space” and “Printed texts look machine-made, as they are.” The obvious exception to this is the phrase “…world of visual space”, in which the space is emphasized through the use of increased tracking. 52 more words


Grid Systems

Thinking with Type Questions:

What are non-lining numerals?

Lining numerals have a smaller body size with ascenders and descenders so they “mix well on a line with lowercase letters.” 237 more words


[ICS314: A05] - Open Source Software and the Three Prime Directives


Package Name: AndEngine
Developer: Nicolas Gramlich
URL: https://github.com/nicolasgramlich/AndEngine

Objectives: AndEngine is an Android 2D OpenGL gaming engine. This 2D framework is used by both professional and independent developers to generate successful games for Android devices. 261 more words


►►►Titan BIANCA TWC-A05 water cooling kit

#1 ☺Titan BIANCA TWC-A05 water cooling kit Reviews 2013

Most of the buyer reviews say that the Titan BIANCA TWC-A05 water cooling kit are excellent product. 129 more words