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Editing 11: Last one

Finally finished my film and sorted out my blog, that’s now a lot of pressure off and I can focus on my evaluation tasks that I need to do. 24 more words

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Digital technology:

I’ve finally managed to finish this Digital Technology mind map explaining the technology available and what I’ve taken advantage of.

Have a look at it and hopefully if you take media as an AS/A2 level then this could help you with the process of starting and finishing a short film. 2,194 more words

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For the post-production of my short film, I have organised my ideas and what I’m gonna do for editing and sorting out my film to make it look like a professional product. 1,651 more words

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Research and planning

If you would like to know more about my research and planning for my film then click here

to learn more about what I’ve been up to in actually planning on how to do this movie and where my ideas came from! 1,057 more words


Music research!

I finally got round to music research for my movie as lately it was the last thing on my mind but I actually really enjoy doing this sort of thing, trying to find what music would fit and create that sort of creepy and regretful but scary atmosphere I’m looking for with this movie. 158 more words


Actors (but maybe a problem...)

I have managed to get two actors for my film and both said they have some experience with acting…..hopefully they’re good…

However, my actress looks a little younger than her role so I think i will need to do a little bit of research into how to make her look older but i think it will mainly be to do with what she is wearing and how her hair is, but, there’s always the beauty of make up! 63 more words

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Pumpkin smash!

Okay I’ve finally got round to sorting this out for you guys!

Here is the video I promised! Tell me what you think!!