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Loose Ends: Journal pages

Work:  Journal pages

Music:  Assorted Leonard Cohen and Applemusic radio using a Cohen song as the “base” for the songs it chose

Yesterday I had a day completely “alone” because DH has been away for work for two nights. 468 more words



Yesterday was my 51st birthday, and I had a fun dinner with a couple of friends because DH is out of town for work.  Today I may go to the art supply store to buy myself a few supplies I need and something I don’t as a gift to myself!   567 more words


Reflection against assessment criteria

Once again I feel as if it’s my technical skills holding me back.  Composition and focus are two I need to pay more mind too. I’m happy with how I realised the work, it did what I wanted and didn’t look like a generic set of phone boxes in villages. 122 more words


Assignment 4 Languages of light

“The light emanating from a red phone box in the evening was once a symbol of refuge, a beacon and a place of connection to the world.”(Heathcote, 2016).

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