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Dog Portrait : soft pastels on A4

Our adopted Americal Bull looking quite noble for a change – she usually looks like an inside-out Marigold glove (bless).

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Finger Injuries: Snap, Crackle and Pop!

Finger injuries are the most common injuries suffered by climbers and are getting more common as indoor climbing gains popularity and standards rise. I don’t want to go into great anatomical detail about this as that has already been well done elsewhere, such as Dave Macleod’s book… 996 more words

Revised Blog Post

You could make the argument that the world is connected through sports. Every couple of years we have events like the olympics and the world cup which grab the attention of the entire world for weeks at a time. 906 more words


A Whole New World? Revised

Our world is on the cusp of a large, inevitable change. That is, at least, what Benjamin R. Barber conveys in his work, Jihad vs. McWorld… 990 more words


Revising Simply Sushi

In this article “How Sushi Went Global”, written by Theodore Bestor, the international trade of sushi is broken down to exemplify the affects of globalization on society. 781 more words


Bestor on More than Just Sushi Revised

Globalization is always taking on new fads and products, which is why globalization affects every generation in a different way. For now, that would be rearranging yourself to the fast pace consumer economy of the 21st century; or as Theodore Bestor puts it, “…around silicon chips, starbucks coffee, or sashimi-grade tuna”. 877 more words


Revision: Sushi

How Sushi Went Global, an article by Theodore Bestor, proves globalization to be a primary factor in the developing sushi industry. Spanning a time of 50 years, Bestor captures the positive aspects of globalization through the development of the sushi industry. 906 more words