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Douments on BB Questions

Hi Everyone!

I realized that I may not have attached recently the AA Big Book questions for A Vision For You. The link is below, in addition to a link to AA slogans. 31 more words

Sunday's Gems 

 We had such a wonderful meeting this week.

Another gems was:  “This is not a blame game. This is a results game.”

Thank you all for sharing your experience, strength and hope. 15 more words

18 Easy Does It


This is from the book “Living Sober”

‘Easy Does It’

Have you just this minute finished reading the previous section, and are you now rushing right into this one? 1,261 more words

AA Big Book

13 First Things First


This also comes from the book Living Sober.

‘First Things First’

Here’s an old saying that has special, strong meaning for us. Simply stated, it is this: Above all other concerns, we must remember that we cannot drink. 491 more words

AA Big Book

Live and Let Live

‘Live and Let Live’

The old saying “Live and Let live” seems so commonplace, it is easy to overlook its value. Of course, one reason it has been said over and over for years is that it has proved beneficial in so many ways. 1,203 more words

AA Big Book