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Det sikre valg? - Lars Søndergaard som ny AaB-træner

AaB har i dag offentliggjort at Lars Søndergaard bliver cheftræner (minimum) de næste to sæsoner. Jagten på en cheftræner har været i gang siden midten af december og er nu slut. 549 more words


#Floorball, DM finalen damer Århus-AaB

Århus står i DM finalen igen i år, sidste år tabte de til Frederikshavn. 339 more words


Modest Fashionista

When comes Muslimina’s the stereotype is, that they are women who are submitted to a man and oppressed, shut from this world. In reality Muslim women have heritage that they can be proud of from Khadija the Great (RA) to Fatima Al Fihri, the founder of world’s first university.They are independent, strong women who are submitted to their God and their fashion usually reflects  their dedication to their faith. 251 more words

Anti-Apartheid Bewegung Österreich

Aus wissenschaftlicher Perspektive betrachtet, befinde ich mich nun auf einem gefährlichen Terrain. Denn die hier anonymisierten Personen sind auch Teil meiner empirischen Forschung. Aber ich werde weder Ergebnisse noch Interviewausschnitte meiner Arbeit wiedergeben. 658 more words


Above And Beyond. This little beauty is generally in small print at the bottom of the list of deliverables on the brief, or not even at all. 46 more words


A Little Story about The Astra1st (Batch IV)

As a concrete manifestation of Astra concern to the Indonesia’s education sector and Astra Roadmap strategy, namely: Portfolio, People & Public Contribution. Then in every second semester in each year, Astra gives scholarships and mentoring program for 1 year in developing technical competencies and non-technical or soft competencies. 111 more words