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The Rise of Modest Fashion in the West

Modest Fashion, A Thing of the Future? 

Growing up as a ‘traditionally submissiveMuslim woman in the UK, I was constantly bombarded with Western fashion lines that didn’t cater to my religious needs. 775 more words

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Becoming a Muslim Vlogger; The Likes and Threats

As the world opens up to modest fashion and Islamic clothing, no one is pushing the agenda of this upcoming and covered way of dress more than young… 1,107 more words
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Aab: How a Modest Fashion Line is Breaking into the Mainstream Market

For Muslim women living in the west, buying fashionable clothes to fit their religious needs has always been difficult to do. Staying with the latest fashion trend… 663 more words
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#Floorball :: Superfinalen

Så er der ikke længe til, at Arena Randers åbner op for en masse flot floorball. Det er nemlig i morgen al sølvtøjet skal uddeles, og det gælder både på dame- og herresiden. 435 more words


Friday Night viewing, Danish football produces something incredible

From time to time football likes to throw up unique moments, it’s what makes the sport so universally popular both watching live in a stadium or from the comfort of your living room. 563 more words

Improved SPM Dual Port Manometer Now at HVAC Distributors

By popular demand, AAB Smart Tools’ SPM-100 and probes are now a convenient kit. The new kit also includes a brass barbed fitting for taking gas measurements. 93 more words

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AAB Smart Tools ABM-100 and ABM-200 In Stock at HVAC Distributors

HVAC Distributors now stocks AAB Smart Tools’ ABM-100 and ABM-200 smart phone tools. These tools are compatible with all Apple smart devices and most Android phones. 386 more words

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