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Cat Care: Feeding

It’s recommend to purchase high-quality, brand-name kitten or cat food. Factors such as age, activity level and health make a difference in what and how much a cat should eat. 121 more words


Vet Finding Tip: Look for Accreditation

The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) has been around since the early 1930’s. ¬†AAHA was established to set standards for veterinary care – today there are about 3500 hospitals that are accredited by the organization. ¬† 140 more words


Dog Grooming Tips: Dental Care

Regularly brushing your dog’s teeth, along with a healthy diet and plenty of chew toys, can go a long way toward keeping her mouth healthy. Bacteria and plaque-forming foods can cause build-up on a dog’s teeth. 291 more words


In-Home Pet Euthanasia

In-home pet euthanasia is a personal choice.
We can provide veterinary house calls for help with the euthanasia decision, and end-of-life care because we know how difficult those final trips to the vet can be. 74 more words


How to Keep Your Pet Safe: New Treats and Toys

Even a pet-safe treat can cause stomach upset if it is new to your pet.

Offer only one of these at a time (ideally, separated by a few days). 41 more words


Complete Veterinary Care Begins Here!

The Animal Hospital of Sullivan County has highly motivated employees who do their best to provide an enjoyable and positive atmosphere to work in, which promotes a better service and experience to our clients and their companions. 64 more words


How to Keep Your Pet Safe: Dangerous Foods

The following foods can be toxic to pets:

Chocolate, raisins, grapes, macadamia nuts, garlic, onion, alcohol, caffeinated beverages, bread dough, and sugar-free candy and gum containing the artificial sweetener xylitol. 31 more words