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Compositing Demo Reel

Put together a demo reel over the weekend, watch in HD if possible!

Aamir Raza

Interior Shading

Materials setup for every object in the scene in Maya 2013. Rendered with V-Ray.

Aamir Raza

Houdini Button Simulation

Watch in HD!

Render time: ~ 44 hours (i7-2600k 4ghz/24gb RAM)
7168 buttons/points.

Aamir Raza

After Effects Name Slate

A simple name slate made in After Effects CS6 that could be used as an intro to a demo reel. The background circles were created using the Particular plugin.

Aamir Raza

V-Ray Bottle Render

Lighting and texturing done in Maya and rendered using V-Ray 2.3.

Aamir Raza

Tampa eSports Stream Content

Content created for the Tampa eSports Twitch stream using After Effects CS6 and Cinema 4D R14:

Aamir Raza