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In Praise Of The Hustle

When I lived in New York (late 1990’s) I first started to notice that, although I had a lot of artist friends, we never talked about the actual work much. 164 more words


Everything Is A Thing Now...

So according to Techcrunch, America is losing its infatuation with Silicon Valley.

I guess it was inevitable.

You see, I have a few famous friends. 286 more words


The Raccoons, Part 2

Alrighty, everyone, I’m ending this special week with the second part of my collection from the Raccoons.

And today, we’re actually gonna see raccoons in it!  177 more words

Aardvark Tales - Unfurl

An exclusive extract from Aardvark Tales the follow up to my e-book published last year. My daughter is illustrating (she is 13 years old) and she agreed I could share the above illustration, she describes it as a work in progress.  92 more words


Secret Aardvark Combo 3-pack

Secret Aardvark Combo 3-pack
Secret Aardvark Combo 3-Pack Description Brand New. Secret Aardvark Combo 3-Pack Thank You For Using Our Service Secret Aardvark Combo 3-Pack Thank You For Using Our Service International World Wide 12-25 Day Guarantee New Package Payment Payment Accepted Through Paypal. 76 more words


#Family: 5 Inspirational animals I think are awesome

Hi, Rex here and because I love wildlife and sea life I decided to share 5 awesome animals… that most kids my age love…

  1. Sharks:
  2. 244 more words

The elusive aardvark

Unless you are a safari fanatic, or speak Afrikaans, chances are you have never heard of an aardvark. The animal is pretty much as weird as its name (which means earth or ground pig), and looks something like a cross between a giant rat, a bunny, a pig and a kangaroo. 603 more words

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