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March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty four: Friday doodle gif...

Just making it in under the wire, for today’s gif post to still be relevant, so I’ll keep it short and say; here’s a doodle gif for Friday. 7 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty two: A gif at the end of the tunnel (flashing images)...

Today I am more encouraged, as I have had not one, but two tentative requests for gifs from readers who missed my original post, which I shall get around to in due course. 72 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty: The gif that keeps on giving...

After my latest burst of animated creativity last week, making the gif for Todd and Dustin that I posted yesterday, I had an idea for this week’s theme; a personalised custom gif giveaway, a gifaway if you will. 207 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day nineteen: Giffing woolly with it...

For this, the nineteenth installment of my daily blogging binge, I’m previewing another unhinged animated gif, inspired by the first guests in my week of reblogs. 222 more words


Comedy Bit - Judge Reinhold

While working on Penn and Teller’s Sin City Spectacular, a great show on FX that was cancelled way too early, I had the pleasure of collaborating with celebrities.   795 more words

Baby aardvark saved by CPR

A quick thinking zookeeper helped save the life of an adorable newborn aardvark.

Female Lotte was not breathing after being born at Poland’s Wroclaw Zoo… 85 more words



Hi guys!

This is my first post ever! I’m not sure yet if I’ll be adding profiles by alphabetical order or whether I should create them randomly. 325 more words