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Random poem!

Delirium’s Lemonade Hat-Song

I am the aardvark who empties his glass,
then goes for the bottle; he wants to get smashed.
I am the guitar that’s missing a fret… 185 more words


#atozchallenge: Q is for Question...

I couldn’t decide what I was going to post for today’s A-Z challenge and the day has got away from me, leaving me no time to come up with anything very exciting… 173 more words


#atozchallenge: N is for Nonsense...

After fulminulating at some length, I’ve decided to obfrangulate today’s increment in the puddle of Frunge that the imponderables call the runkly A-Z challenge, because, well, I don’t think ancrastic spangling is allowed until the final week. 215 more words


#atozchallenge: H is for Home delivery...

Today’s A-Z post takes the form of an update on the one I posted on Monday, about Tracy the balloon sculptor.

That post generated a lot of interest and lots of praise for Tracy’s artistic skills; so much so that it prompted an interactive logistical experiment between… 272 more words



This cheeky little aardvark was really simple and easy to make.

In fact, I made him the morning of my graduation from university as a present for my tutor (they’re her favoruite animal). 69 more words



Large insect-eating South African burrowing animal with long snout. Dutch “aarde”=earth + “varken”=pig, hog.


One liner Wednesday...

Once you start mucking about with composite proverbs, you find there are a lot of combinations which sound like they should be meaningful, even when they almost certainly make no sense whatsoever… 30 more words