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Back to civilisation and being responsible parents again

Now that we were back on the mainland we stayed a couple of days in the fishing town of Vilanculos. One memory that has stuck were the delicious, juicy crab claws that were supplied as ‘bar food’. 545 more words

REVIEW: Tribeca Film- Aardvark Lacks a Real Message

It’s named Aardvark so that it can be on the top of alphabetical lists. So says the director, Brian Shoaf.

I begin this review with this information so that readers don’t spend the entire movie wondering about the significance of the title. 439 more words




Welcome to the ninth edition of Shakati Bush Facts. In this edition, we will be looking at the shy five. In the first article in this series, we looked at the little five, and in this article, we will focus on the shy five. 818 more words

Bush Facts

Ed The Aardvark Plays Some Breezy Ukulele Tunes

Ed likes to sing his favorite Louis Armstrong song:

“I see trees of green, red roses too.

I see them bloom, for me and you. 9 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty four: Friday doodle gif...

Just making it in under the wire, for today’s gif post to still be relevant, so I’ll keep it short and say; here’s a doodle gif for Friday. 7 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty two: A gif at the end of the tunnel (flashing images)...

Today I am more encouraged, as I have had not one, but two tentative requests for gifs from readers who missed my original post, which I shall get around to in due course. 72 more words


March of the Internet Nobody, day twenty: The gif that keeps on giving...

After my latest burst of animated creativity last week, making the gif for Todd and Dustin that I posted yesterday, I had an idea for this week’s theme; a personalised custom gif giveaway, a gifaway if you will. 207 more words