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George Michael was killed in US airstrike claims Russia Today

Following the death of pop superstar, George Michael last night, Russian media outlet, Russia Today, have sensationally claimed that Michael was killed by a guided missile fired from an American F16 fighter jet whose pilot was under direct orders from President Barack Obama to neutralise the Last Christmas star. 289 more words


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Some satire, to lighten the sad news of another talented performer's passing. Goodbye, George, we'll miss your honesty and integrity...

Things Worthy of Discussion But People Might Get Offended So We Probably Shouldn't Talk About Them: Volume 1

Hello esteemed readers,

Today I’m going to take a break from our usual schedule and introduce the first, and quite feasibly last, entry of a blog that will accompany the stories that you’re slowly beginning to love. 661 more words


So I married a superhero...

By now most of you know that my wife, Rhonda, is American, but what you may not know is that she’s also a superhero.

She is Spoon Woman. 1,195 more words


Hello again from Adelina

Hello everybody

It’s been a long time since I’ve written on this Blogg, but in the mean-time I’ve been busy writing a Forward and an Afterward for the Book that the Belated Writer is making out of Pieces of this Blogg, including all the Pieces I’ve written. 412 more words


On Becoming an Aardvark

Do negative thoughts and images seem to pop into your head at random?  In spite of our best efforts to construct and maintain a positive outlook, some brains seem determined to keep their human hosts totally bummed out.   496 more words


October Poem 10 Tweet Poem: I'm a Geek

I’m a Geek.


I have an extensive collection of caterpillar turds.

I am spiritually connected to an invisible aardvark.

I love women with facial hair. 38 more words

Free Verse Poetry