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When is an aardvark not an aardvark? When it's from Madgascar!

I think about extinction a lot. Its hard not to when researching Pleistocene mammals. One of the sobering things about this kind of research is that you become aware of the high likelihood of “unknown unknowns”: animals that existed but left no fossil traces for us to find, no hard evidence to let us know of their time on this planet. 1,040 more words


Africa’s More Unusual Creatures

Most of us go on safari or go to the bush in the hope of seeing some of Africa’s quintessential wildlife, namely the big five, cheetah, African wild dog, spotted hyena, warthog, zebra, giraffe and wildebeest… However there are some of us who are desperate to see some of the less common, unique and odd-looking creatures of Africa’s savannahs. 526 more words



Here are some examples of animal inspired cartoons ranging from the ridiculous to the realistic.


Six on the Sixth: February 2015

The Boy Ain’t Right (Aardvark)

He eats ants. That ain’t right.

The Rotten Apple (Apple)

One bite–vomit tickled her throat.

At the Truck Stop (Truck) 36 more words


Six on the Sixth Prompt - Feb 2015

It’s that time of the month again! No not that time!

It’s time for some six word stories! Currently there isn’t a huge following, but hopefully as time passes more and more writers around the world will be contributing to this little exercise in creativity. 157 more words


My rugby team got featured in a local superbowl ad. You can see me briefly at 0m36s (big hairy guy on the right) and again at 0m44s (on the rucking sled yelling at the guys and not doing any real work per usual). 11 more words