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15-47 Segment 2: Henry Clay: America's greatest statesman that you don't know


Synopsis: Most of us have heard the name of Henry Clay, but he’s not one of the people we usually remember the way we do George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. 1,812 more words

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You watch the tawdry spectacle of modern politics, and can only imagine with embarrassment what the Founding Fathers would think about it.  Here’s an autocratic demagogue slandering foreigners, there’s a dysfunctional House of Representatives no one wants to lead, a circus of campaigns is railing against the media, and the politics of personality overshadow the issues of substance.  563 more words

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The Great American Rascal - By: Philip Vail

The Great American Rascal was written by Philip Vail and is one of my favorite books. I have owned a copy since I “acquired one” when I was around the age of ten and it is by far one of the best biographies I have ever read. 490 more words


"Settling The Issues Of Honor At 40 Paces": Forget Debates; The Republicans Should Have A Duel

The possibility of fisticuffs breaking out at Wednesday’s GOP debate is not an entirely fanciful one. (Indeed, it could be the solution for Jeb Bush’s flailing campaign… 1,004 more words


Today in Texas History - October 20

From the Annals of Treason – In 1807, former Vice-President Aaron Burr was acquitted on charges of treason.  Burr’s treason trial arose from his ambitious plan for the United States to seize the Spanish colonies in the Southwest and establish a great American empire. 228 more words

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Dueling Idiots

 If duels were still around RJ would be dead. And no one would blame Verne. This is why we practice strict gun control in our strip. 17 more words

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Hamilton Explained: Ten Duel Commandments

We’re still listening to Hamilton non-stop, and it’s time to break down another song. Last time it was The Schuyler Sisters, and today I chose Ten Duel Commandments. 1,423 more words