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Theodosia Burr: The Life and Mysterious Death of Aaron Burr's Pride and Joy

You’ve probably definitely heard of Hamilton, the musical that breathed life into the long-dead Founding Fathers–with, you know, more rapping.

I–and many others–have since become enamored with the original Broadway cast, including one  847 more words

Women's History

My Story of the Play Hamilton

By Nina Hall

Two weeks ago my friend and I had the amazing opportunity to go see the play Hamilton on a Saturday. I think it was one of the best days of my life. 1,103 more words

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'Hamilton' Is STILL Stuck In My Head

“Late to the party” is my middle name. Not really, but sometimes it should be. In this case, it describes my lack of art savvy because I accidentally discovered the hit musical ‘ 534 more words

Aaron Burr

"The ladder of his ambition"- Hamilton, Burr, and the 1804 New York Gubernatorial Race

In 1804, as Thomas Jefferson was running for a second term as President of the U.S., the race to be governor of New York was heating up.   751 more words

Alexander Hamilton

Hamilton: A strong military, run by civilians

One in a series on Alexander Hamilton, by Ron Chernow. So far, we have discussed these topics:

  • central government vs. states’ rights:


3 Tips for a Vivid Antagonist: Hamilton

In most stories, a good antagonist will make or break it. Whether the main character is fighting against a lie that he believes about himself or the world (a man/woman who learned better story) or a classic adventure story with a villain like Darth Vader, villains are important. 440 more words

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The Cast of Hamilton

I saw Hamilton last month in San Francisco and I psyched myself up by drawing the cast of the original soundtrack and production.

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