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Aaron Burr Slept Here

There is a family plot at the Albany Rural Cemetery perched somewhat precariously on the Middle Ridge hill just above the Ozia Hall monument and not too far from the Samuel Schuyler lot. 440 more words

The Theatre Diary: Hamilton

In June 2016, I finally decided to give into the hype and listen to the Hamilton soundtrack, and I was not disappointed. After one listen, I was completely hooked and have had it on repeat ever since. 682 more words

Ron Chernow's Alexander Hamilton - book review

I did it! I finished reading Ron Chernow’s massive biography of Alexander Hamilton with 4 more days to spare before I go to see the musical. 1,047 more words

Hamilton Comes to London

Hamilton has made it to London! It was of course, highly received by both the general public and theatre critics who were lucky enough to see previews at the Victoria Palace Theatre on Tuesday (5th Dec) and its official debut on Wednesday (6th Dec). 409 more words



“Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints

It takes and it takes and it takes, and we keep living anyway.”

Wait for It 

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The Second Round of the Hamilton/Burr Duel

One of the most famous rivalries in history was between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr. It culminated in a duel between the two men, resulting in Hamilton’s death  ( 262 more words


My Crush on Aaron Burr

Ever since I first listened to the Hamilton Soundtrack over a year ago, I have been struggling with a very serious issue. After listening to every rhyme and every lyric of every song, I have completely become attached to Aaron Burr. 334 more words