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Why Was the Election of 1800 Important?

“Jefferson’s narrow victory in the presidential election of 1800 confirmed the changing course of national developments. Jefferson received seventy-three electoral votes to the sixty-five of the Federalist candidate, John Adams. 448 more words


Blast from the Past: Hamilton Broadway Lines and their Historical Sources

In his script for Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda merges the American Founding with the tenor of modern America, such that history is both relived and reimagined.  The characters in Hamilton recite excerpts from historical documents such as Washington’s Farewell Address and Hamilton’s… 483 more words

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Review: Eve Karlin's City of Liars and Thieves

On December 22, 1799, a young woman named Elma Sands disappeared from her New York City boarding house and was found 11 days later at the bottom of a well owned by Aaron Burr’s Manhattan Company.   434 more words

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Murder in the Meadow: The Manhattan Well Murder of 1799

On the evening of December 22, 1799 Ms. Gulielma Elmore Sands of Greenwich Street went missing. Her body was later discovered strangled at the bottom of a well in Lispenard’s Meadow.  252 more words


Talk: Murder in Manhattan! (July 13, 2015, 12 pm, Federal Hall)

On Monday, July 13, 2015, I’ll be speaking on the Manhattan Well Murder trial, in which Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr successfully defended Levi Weeks from the charge of murdering his alleged lover, Elma Sands.   126 more words

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Duelversary: Hamilton after the Duel

On July 11, 1804, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr began their fatal duel in Weehawken.  After Hamilton was mortally wounded, he was taken by boat back to New York City, where he passed away the following day.   726 more words

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Today In Charleston History: July 11


Pierce Butler was born in County Carlow, Ireland. His father was Sir Richard Butler, member of Parliament and a baronet. Like so many younger sons of the British aristocracy who could not inherit their fathers’ estates because of primogeniture, Butler pursued a military career. 232 more words

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