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Adam's Fun Facts: Bea Arthur, Michael Bay, What Is A Natiform & More

1. The first Got Milk? commercial was directed by Michael Bay. It was the one where a history expert has to answer the question who shot Alexander Hamilton in a famous duel, to win a radio contest. 87 more words


Lost and Found - May 22nd Edition

What to remember about May 22nd…

  • 1802  America’s First Lady Martha Washington dies at her Mount Vernon home (b. 1731)
  • 1807  Former Vice President Aaron Burr is indicted for treason in plot to form his own country should war with Spain break out; he is acquitted…
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Alexander Hamilton Was Wrong: Shot By Vice President Aaron Burr!

EDITOR’S NOTE: The following is the first in a series of articles giving an introduction to the Federalist Papers, a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution. 1,166 more words


Today In Charleston History: May 14


With the military support of General George Monck, governor of Scotland and Duke of Albemarle, Charles II was proclaimed king of England. For his service, Monck was named one of the original Lords Proprietors of Carolina in 1663. 196 more words

Today In Charleston History

Paul Collins - Duel With the Devil (2013)

I picked up this book thinking it would be about the infamous Hamilton/Burr duel and the culture of dueling in the early United States. Instead it was about the murder of a young Quaker woman and how Burr and Hamilton had contact with one another during this case. 195 more words


Today In Charleston History: May 6

1766-Stamp Act. American Revolution – Foundations.

News reached Charlestown that Parliament had repealed the Stamp Act. The city celebrated by ringing church bells and burning bonfires. 635 more words

Today In Charleston History

The Wedding

Yes, I know it’s supposed to be Mondays with Muddy. I promise I’ll post that when I get home and have her writings in front of me. 38 more words