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In George Washington's footsteps: visiting the oldest house in Manhattan

To travel to a house in Manhattan that was built when New York was still a colony of Great Britain, you don’t need a DeLorean. You only need to head a few miles north of the city’s usual tourist sites. 874 more words


Hamil-Swag: Hamilton Public Fan Art (Updated)

(Apologies for the incomplete post this morning!)

Since the official opening of the Hamilton musical to rave reviews last week, the internet has been providing us with some gems of Hamilton fan art, memes, and gifs inspired by the show.   198 more words

Alexander Hamilton

Hamil-Tunes: Hamilton and Burr's Pre-Duel Dinner

The week before their fateful/fatal interview in Weehawken, Hamilton and Burr both attended a 4th of July dinner meeting of the Society of the Cincinnati at Fraunces Tavern.   527 more words

Alexander Hamilton

Guest Post: Bastard out of Nevis: Lin-Manuel Miranda’s “Hamilton”

We are pleased to feature a guest post from Benjamin Carp (@bencarp), the Daniel M. Lyons Professor of American History at Brooklyn College, CUNY. Carp is the author of both  1,254 more words


Lost and Found - February 19th Edition

What to remember about February 19th…

  • 1674  Treaty is signed to end war between England and  Netherlands; New Amsterdam is transferred to English and renamed New York…
  • 144 more words

Founding Traitor

February 19, 1807: Aaron Burr is arrested. Burr had been Vice President under Thomas Jefferson during his first term (1801-1805). It was the apex of his long political career. 530 more words


Travel: Shows, books and sites connected to Alexander Hamilton

NEW YORK – It’s a fine time for history geeks with a thing for Alexander Hamilton. A hip-hop-and-history musical called Hamilton – inspired by an 800-page biography – just opened off-Broadway and is sold out for months. 981 more words