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Suspension of Disbelief

I admit I like well-done disaster movies, though like effective or inventive horror films they are rare. The genre is the junk food of cinema – tasty at times but you have to limit your intake if you want to stay fit and healthy. 1,416 more words

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The One with the Joker

A movie. Not the movie we deserved, but the movie we needed. The Dark Knight is an anomaly in that it’s the middle movie in a trilogy and the best one of all three. 614 more words

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How Christopher Nolan Realized Aaron Eckhart Was The Perfect Harvey Dent

The tragic death of Heath Ledger and his incredible performance as the Joker led much of the coverage around Christopher Nolan’s Batman Begins follow-up, The Dark Knight… 814 more words


Top 5 Favourite Aaron Eckhart Roles

Aaron Eckhart is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood, he always turns up in big blockbusters, but whenever he turns up as a lead the films don’t seem to be able to sell even if he does a good performance. 39 more words

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"Banning is ex-special forces. Ranger battalion. He will move mountains or die trying!" Olympus Has Fallen (2013)

Starring Gerard Butler as ex-Special Forces member, Mike Banning, Olympus Has fallen is an 2013 action film released around the same time as White House Down (Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx). 207 more words


D&D Watches: I, Frankenstein

Scrapping from the bottom of the barrel is our double feature of classics gone bad. We kick it off with I, Frankenstein. Watch and listen as Aaron Eckhart angrily walks through modern day…Europe(?) and hits demons(?) with sticks all while Derek and Denis lose interest after 10 minutes. 37 more words


I, Frankenstein (2014)

Why wouldn’t Frankenstein’s monster (henceforth referred to as Adam) be the focal point in a war between heaven and hell? And why wouldn’t the angels really be gargoyles and live in cathedrals? 233 more words

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