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TPT: What You Need to Know About Haunted Objects

Spirits don’t just haunt places or attach to living people, they also haunt objects.

A spirit can attach itself to anything but it will usually choose either an item that had… 636 more words

Talkin Paranormal Tuesday

"Has Haunted Harold caused you any harm?"

Hi, where did u get the doll from? Is the doll normally left out in open like that? Have u had any illnesses, bad luck, girl friends leaving u?…lol     Stephanie W. 297 more words


Awesome! @Zak_Bagans and @AaronGoodwin met @JoelMcHale

Good to meet you finally @joelmchale enjoyed hangin after the show and I got ur back always w the bigfoot ppl 👣 pic.twitter.com/zRQEM7ywXo

— Zak Bagans (@Zak_Bagans) …

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This year's @aarongoodwin @agoodwincollect #bigsteppin stuff for #Toysforkids #charity 2014

“Every year I do something different with #bigsteppinstuff for
#Toysforkids #charity this year I did the #Christmas#Santahat & the new #bigsteppin #dogtags all the proceeds from these Items go to help the kids & what ever we raise I match if u would like to help then buy 1 of these & it will buy about 3-4 toys each purchase at the end of it all last year we donated over 700 toys & help 4 charity’s over in 2 states thank u all for helping out over the years … 51 more words