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Happy birthday to the creator of The Boondocks, Aaron McGruder

Intelligent, controversial and above all hilarious, The Boondocks managed to successfully address difficult and polarizing topics, in it’s own distinct voice and confident manner, never losing sight of either the issues or humor.


The New Boondocks vs. Black Jesus

As usual, the last year of Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block didn’t pass without controversy. Given the lengthy gaps between seasons for Aaron Mcgruder’s suicidally-offensive animated racial satire… 1,760 more words

Tyler Petty (and yes I mean Petty) is ruining my Netflix experience

Recently Netflix made seasons 3 and 4 of the Boondocks available for streaming. It’s really been a long time coming since season 3 was released to tv 5 years go, nonetheless I was still excited about the release. 325 more words

Aaron Mcgruder

Netflix News: The Boondocks Seasons 3 & 4 Now Available for Streaming!

Just got an email from Netflix that two more seasons of The Boondocks have been added for streaming.  Well, it’s about time!  They’ve had the first two seasons available for some time.  190 more words


Black History Honors: Aaron McGruder

Creator of the Boondocks.  One of the most dynamic and controversial animated shows of all time.  Mr. McGruder is a true visionary.  As Black History Month comes to an end lets not forget that we as black people should be learning about our history daily.   68 more words


That Ain't Right: Black Dynamite

Straight up, before I dive into his piece that, admittedly was written a few weeks ago: Black Dynamite shouldn’t have been canceled. It was the show we needed, but maybe not the one we deserved. 1,567 more words