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Movie Rob's Genre Grandeur - Kick Ass

Hello Cats and Kittens.  The Vern here with a post on my review for Movie Rob’s Genre Grandeur.  I was fortunate to have been chosen to pick the genre, and mine was favorite graphic novels that have been adapted to the big screen.   605 more words


'The Wall' isn't necessary, but it's not bad either

The Wall (2017)

Directed by Doug Liman

By largely avoiding political posturing and, well, plot, “The Wall” allows its audience to enjoy what it came for—a Mexican standoff, near the end of the Iraq War, between a notorious Iraqi sniper and a couple of American servicemen (John Cena and… 353 more words


Flash Movie Review: The Wall

THE weather was so cold his face felt like it had no flexibility. He had to squint because when the wind kicked up, his eyes would water and he was afraid the tears would freeze on his face. 553 more words


THE WALL review

Oh, well if it’s not a GREAT wall, then I’m not interested! Hmph! Get it? THE GREAT WALL (2017)? It was a pun… No, wait, my co-worker came up with this one. 1,499 more words


The Wall (2017)

“I’m scared of what’s behind it.”

With the release of Phone Booth back in 2002, Grand Piano in 2013, and now The Wallwe have an exceptional trifecta of films which equate to adult nightmares. 579 more words


The Wall Review

A character study set against the backdrop of war is a compelling setting for film, and one that can explore the many facets of a human being when their life hangs in the balance. 770 more words