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When Capitalism Calls the Shots, We All Lose

In a news story about the move by the Board of Governors of the University of North Carolina System toward deleting 46 degree programs, Steven Long, one of the members of the Board, is quoted as saying, “We’re capitalists, and we have to look at what the demand is, and we have to respond to the demand.” Higher education, in North Carolina, at least, seems to be moving out of the public sector completely. 178 more words


Learning More About Interest-Based Bargaining

I recently had the privilege to participate in the first day of a two-day Interest-Based Bargaining (IBB) training session for PSU’s Administration and AAUP bargaining teams. 672 more words

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The Ohio AAUP and the Repeal of Senate Bill 5

This is a guest post by John McNay, a contributor to the May–June issue of Academe. McNay  is a professor of history at the University of Cincinnati–Blue Ash. 329 more words


Bertrand Russell and Academic Freedom

Since today is Bertrand Russell’s birthday (he was born in 1872), I wanted to share this short segment from my dissertation on the history of academic freedom about Russell’s firing from CCNY and the first court case to mention the words “academic freedom”: 1,069 more words

Academic Freedom

Why Salaita Was "Un-Hired": The Missing Facts in the AAUP and CAFT Reports

By Andrew Scheinman

A few weeks ago, the AAUP released its Report on the Steven Salaita affair at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), in which it concluded that UIUC and its Chancellor Phyllis Wise violated Salaita’s academic freedom and committed serious breaches of governance when they “un-hired” Salaita by Wise’s not forwarding his hire letter to the UIUC Board of Trustees (BOT). 1,284 more words

Academic Freedom

AAUP Investigation Report: Felician College

From the Conclusions of the report, “Academic Freedom and Tenure: Felician College (New Jersey)”, May, 2015:

  1. In terminating the appointments of sixteen fulltime faculty members, seven of whom sought the Association’s assistance, the administration of Felician College attributed its action simply to “the exigency of the college’s financial status” without any further explanation.
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AAUP Investigation Results: The University of South Maine

From the Conclusions of the report, “Academic Freedom and Tenure: The University of South Maine” of May, 2015:

  1. In terminating the appointments of sixty of the 250 full-time faculty members and eliminating, reducing, or consolidating numerous academic programs, allegedly on financial grounds, the administration of the University of Southern Maine acted in flagrant violation of the joint 1940…
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