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Living In Three Worlds

I work in an elementary school with special needs children.  Recently I ended up in the Autistic Pre-K because they needed a hand and I have the experience.   1,343 more words


Our Summer Bucket List

Our girls will be turning four and six in July. Yup both July babies. I still cannot believe that the hospital sent us home with Bug. 435 more words

Hey You. You Are Not A Bad Parent.

You. Yes you, worrying about your impending diagnosis of your wonderful kiddo. You did not fail. Their diagnosis, whatever it may be, does not make them any less amazing. 431 more words


Tell me I can’t do something and I will do it twice and take pictures.

One of our many quotes that fits Bug to a T. 328 more words

Brooklyn Nets

Wait a minute now… Um, these guys were supposed to be special, right? Weren’t they supposed to be the cool underdog of the common people in New York City?   4,373 more words


Fuck You, Fuck You, and Fuck You. Who's next?

*Thanks to Lei Wiley-Mydske for letting me use her kick-ass narwhal graphic for this. Lei fucking rocks. You should check out her library. https://neurodiversitylibrary.org/

*CW: ABA, ABA apologists, general fuckery by ABA cultists moonlighting as cyber-bullies… 494 more words


Sensory Solutions

Sensory bins. Have you heard of such a thing? I was very confused when our first home-visiting speech therapist suggested a sensory bin to me. I researched and asked him questions at every session making sure I was doing it right. 827 more words