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Recovery From Autism

We came across a new video about autism recovery that we are excited about! One of our parents actually found it first. When the mom talked about it, I just assumed it was another… 108 more words


First Read, Then Print

Visual supports are commonly used with individuals with autism and evidence certainly supports the use of some of these. Most visual supports are what we would call antecedent manipulations, which Chivon talked about… 991 more words


Truthfully Speaking

To be honest, I am a liar.

If you don’t believe me, look at the countless furphies I have told our kids.

  1. I’ll think about it…
  2. 2,388 more words

Backward, yet again

We can’t afford private school.

Even if I figured out how to pay for it and daycare for Max and found a job that would pay me more than 9 bucks an hour, there is no way we can afford it. 488 more words

Normalising Breastfeeding

What a priveleged country we live in here in Australia to ask ourselves, how are we going to feed our baby? Bottle or breast? And when I say bottle, I mean formula. 1,286 more words


ABA Says It Is Okay To Internet Stalk Jurors

Lawyers who want to pick through troves of public information that jurors or potential jurors put on the Internet about themselves may do so, but they may not communicate directly with the jurors, such as asking to “friend” them on Facebook, according to a formal ethics opinion issued by the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professionalism. 236 more words

Legal News & Events

Antecedent Manipulations: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Antecedents are events or stimuli that occur immediately prior to a behavior. These events give behavior analysts information about why behavior occurs or what things may act as reinforcers or punishers. 617 more words