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Teaching Joint Attention to Children with Autism

Joint Attention – Why it is Important and How it Can be Taught to Children With Autism

Sridhar Aravamudhan

(The author is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst working with Behavior Momentum India. 984 more words

Autism And Applied Behavior Analysis

Dean's ABA Week

I still cannot get over his cute hair cut! I cannot wait for my tax money to come in. I never got to do a nursery, so I’m going to do a great toddler room. 382 more words


No todo ABA... No MI ABA...

Una vez una persona recibe el diagnóstico de autismo, lo primero que le indican profesionales suele ser las terapias adecuadas que se recomienda seguir. Por lo general no dan alternativas: «si quieres que tu hijo lleve una vida “medianamente normal” debes hacer esto». 705 more words

ABA Examines History of Child Custody Laws

An accomplished attorney with more than three decades of experience in family law, Gordon Burrows serves clients out of his private practice in White Plains, New York, where he focuses on child support, custody, and divorce cases. 249 more words

Gordon Burrows

I Abused Children For A Living


I abused children for a living. It didn’t look like abuse. It didn’t feel like abuse (at least not to me) but it was definitely abuse. 1,645 more words


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This is an excellent read. Old post and I am late to the party, but definitely worth re-circling I think as ABA is still unfortunately a go to for parents with children on the autism spectrum. I have thought about writing a series or post of my opinions having to do with ABA, but I have put it off. It still circles among st my ideas though for future blog posts. Personally I couldn't have said it better myself and even sounds better coming from someone who was a ABA therapist. So this will have to do for now. :) Please take time to read this, it was very thought provoking, educational, push for the need to change for autistic children and adults. I also thought it was brave and amazing for a therapist like this to open up about their past. To see the wrong and rewrite your mistakes is something very intriguing and as humans we rarely see.

Dean's ABA Week

I love the team that comes over and works with Dean. The supervisor, Joyce, had a meeting with me on Friday night to talk about how Dean has been doing, permission to take pictures and video to record his progress ONLY, and to discuss what I wanted to see and my concerns/questions. 287 more words