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The Rookie Mistake Made by a Surprising Amount of Professionals in the Field of Applied Behavior Analysis

Many analysts and therapists have no idea that they are actually confusing the terms antecedent and setting events. By doing so they fail to comprehend and account for the significant impact of setting events on the outcomes of behavioral interventions. 1,089 more words


Why the terms "Noncompliance" and "Off task" Should be Permanently Stricken from the Vocabulary of all ABA Professionals and Students

If you currently work or study in the field of applied behavior analysis, chances are that you actively use the terms “noncompliance” and “off task. If you haven’t used them, you have at least been exposed to them. 1,033 more words


It's already July...

Half the year is gone! I can’t believe how quickly it has gone. So much has happened, and things have recently gotten busier, so I thought it would be a good time to reflect on my… 552 more words

Applied Behavior Analysis

Vacation Blues

Hi!! It has been a while since I have posted on here and sadly I don’t have much to update you all with. We had speech therapy on June 18th, the day before we flew out-of-town. 512 more words

Seven? That's it?

Today was definitely a strange day. There were only seven out of our 12 (but now technically 10…oh wait 9) students at school today. Until summer school I would have never thought 7 was a small number for an ABA class, but 7 students to 4 adults is a strange ratio. 321 more words

Puppies and house destruction

Puppies and household destruction

Puppies explore their worlds with their noses and their mouths, and if they are not properly directed and mentally stimulated, they can do some major damage with their sharp little teeth. 943 more words

What (on God's green earth) is there to say?

Alright, here we are, summer holidays.  Jake and Aiden are thrilled that school is over and they are facing an endless cycle of cartoons, play time, and trips to the beach.  610 more words