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Abandon All Hope

I have abandoned all hope that I might find you because I love you now, and always will, under the heavens painted with scattered stars. 72 more words


Abandon All Hope...

This blog will be a spot for me to jot down ideas, stories, outlines, etc.  A writer’s journal if you will.  It likely will not be of interest to anyone, but might occasionally spark something in me to continue writing other items. 31 more words

Abandon All Hope

Supernatural episode Abandon All Hope in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

Supernatural episode Abandon All Hope in verse by Tracy Diane Miller

There is a crossroads demon
Crowley is his name
He has the Colt in his possession… 330 more words


Reckless Hope

Abandon ye
all fear. Here ye
(hear ye)
shall only hear
of things that
stay, the way
the sun shines
through the
broken. All un… 65 more words

Time for a Great Cartoon! (writer's block)


Some of you might want to know what I’m working on these days in terms of writing.

I recently wrote Saved! Rescued from God, by God, and for God… 175 more words

Abandon All Hope

Cambrian Comics Friday showcase: The Art of James Beihl

Today is the day Cambrian Comics tries something new.  This is the first (of hopefully many) posts were we get to showcase the art and work of other great artists who deserve more attention.   128 more words


Abandon all hope.... But play anyway.

Let’s say that you’re one of those cruel, vicious Game Masters who thought that it would be great to combine this…

…with this…

WARNING! If for some reason you know neither of above things… 208 more words