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The Illusion that Knowledge is Power

Knowledge isn’t power. Knowledge is the unfounded temporary illusion of power, especially when wielded as a weapon. 111 more words

Life Lessons

Don't Focus On Anything

Focus but don’t focus.

Fuck you Zen teaching.


… by which I mean, isn’t it interesting how so many of the great bits of knowledge are quite simple, and it’s that simplicity, coupled with the reach of their relevance and power, that makes them so difficult to discover in the first place. 165 more words

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A Note On Negativity

Negativity is fucked. It is the ultimate buzz kill.

When I say ‘negativity’, I’m referring to the internal, perceptive state of mind type, not the type dished outward by people towards others. 290 more words

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Bite Sized Chunks

One problem I’ve had with self-help personal growth blah blah blah materials is they either are too specific or too generic (I group these 2 as the same problem, just polar opposites). 661 more words

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Hope = Surrender

When we subjugate to Hope, we effectively abdecate control over our lives.

Hope leaves you purposeless, & without purpose theres no action.

Purposelessness leads to bad decisions, because there’s no strong foundation – something that purpose delivers in spades – from which to make an informed decision. 552 more words

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