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Black & White Sunday: Traces of the Past Y2 08

At the end of that track deep in the forest, shown in my second image of this week’s Thursday’s Special, stood this:

Linked to Paula’s Black & White Sunday here.

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An Echo of it's former self...

The former Grandstand as seen from the ruins of the pits at the defunct motor racing circuit of Reims-Geux, in 1997 (these buildings have since been cleared of the vegetation, given a lick of paint and fenced off – we had the run of the place then!): 11 more words

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Swartz Printing Co.

So these are not my best shots, but they do represent one of my more interesting subjects. I couldn’t even figure out the address at first because so much of the facade is obscured by seasonally tinged foliage, but thanks to Google street view, I did discover some background. 563 more words

More 'Remnants & Remains'

I have been saving the images displayed here over the past few months since they didn’t really fit with the subject matter of recent posts. Additions to my growing collection titled ‘Remnants & Remains’, I’ve selected a few to upload to my online gallery and store. 269 more words



Też takie jak u nas. Nawet meblościanki są praktycznie takie same. Niestety prawie wszystko jest zniszczone, z przyczyn opisanych w jednym z wcześniejszych postów. Żadna kuchenka się nie ostała, wszystkie zostały rozebrane jak ta na zdjęciu albo bardziej. 143 more words


Traces of the Past

The ruin of a huge old Moorish waterwheel in Córdoba, saved as a reminder of the past:

These water wheels were used to pump water from the river into the gardens of the caliph’s Palace. 10 more words

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