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Postcards from my Past / 7

I have always been quite good at looking places up for potential exploration, and before I had access to the internet this would involve a lot of searching in books and magazines. 134 more words


Deep in the Forest / 8

The dilapidated structure (old peatery)  we saw in DitF 7, taken from a bit further back – along with an old tractor:

I have no idea how this place is still standing!



Views through doorways to inaccessible areas:

See more Through at Debbie’s here.

Photo Challenges

Feeding my Heart and my Bones

A comment made by Ann Christine in one of her posts recently (about Kyrkö Mosse) rang a chord…..  and led to the title of this post. 89 more words


Deep in the Forest / 7

As we walked into the forest, passing a good number of ruins of cars, we came across a decidedly fragile looking wooden structure, seriously dilapidated and leaning drunkenly. 72 more words


Deep in the Forest / 6

Getting a little further into the forest, quite a jumble of cars- two in the foreground, and at least three in amongst the trees…. well past being useful! 41 more words


Deep in the Forest / 5

Another image of the car seen in the last post. The ground was too uneven for me to take a closer look so I don’t know how much of the engine is left, but the rocker cover looks in about the right place so maybe there is more underneath! 67 more words