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I really like peering into vacant buildings to see what sorts of things have been left behind. Usually I see piles of trash, or random things that weren’t important enough to pack up and move someplace else. 18 more words


Studio St. Petersburg: Deborah Turbeville

Possibly my most favorite possession. The photography of Deborah Turbeville is most akin to my own spirit in entirety. She is my idol, my muse. Here are just a few shots from Studio St. Petersburg.


Lord of the Rings loft insulation and campervan autopilot

I was feeling frustrated as my car had broken down on the lower level of a stacked dual carriageway. I got out of my car and walked away, heading into nearby streets. 427 more words



A shitty phone video of me spinning fire at a jam in Montreal.

Abandonment and Decay

Collapsing barns, ravaged by the forces of nature. Houses once new and filled with life, left to rot and wither with their untold stories. It is the true inevitable order of things, that entropy and the passage of time will win; thus it is what we do with our NOW that matters most.

One Broken Window

At first I thought this little drive-in was still in business, but that broken window indicated the opposite. (Another hint, to be honest, was the complete lack of kitchen equipment inside. 9 more words