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The abandoned villas of Athens

By Ioana Cosman

The world’s financial crisis of 2007-2008 left Greece more weakened than any other country in Europe. Budget deficits, government debt, tax evasions and corruption, all made the country, which gave birth to the greatest philosophers of all time to enter into a state of despair. 614 more words

Making Common Ground at Furnace Park: place, purpose and familiarisation

I’ve been increasingly exploring the stabilities of place. In recent years writers on place have tended to emphasise place’s flux: the way in which it is a momentary, fragile assemblage of the varied intentions, actions and desires of those who happen to be present in (or otherwise having influence over) any seemingly coherent action-space. 823 more words

Meaning Making

Lizard + Shack

Day eight, of an eight-day trip – that’s when the Patient Spouse became the Spouse. As I pulled the car over (after making a u-turn to get to back to this spot), he said, “I think I need to find something to do where… 35 more words


Forgotten - Eastern State Penitentiary In Philadelphia

Actor & Photographer Colette Stevenson is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of these images.  These photographs are from her project ‘Here…Gone‘. To see Colette’s galleries click on any image. 58 more words

Travel Photography

Dusty ghosts of time

Sometimes when I make these through-dirty-windows shots, I don’t know what’s going to show up in the image. Like this one – I didn’t expect the statues down there at the front of the church. 14 more words


Exploring Tainan county

It is Moon Festival in Taiwan which means we have five days off. Except for going back to Erlin to celebrate with her family, we planned to go out to the coast for a few days. 526 more words


History. Discovery it Today.

Time passes under the sun.

Rotating in and out, and then again.

Slowly, yet overnight, nature replaces

the walls that collapsed in time.


Still, part of you stands- 47 more words