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I was never very fond of rainbow sprinkles. The one nice thing my mom’s boyfriend used to do for Megan and me as kids was take us out for ice cream—Carvel, it was, every time. 2,325 more words


St Johns Asylum

After hearing about an abandoned Insane Asylum on the outskirts of Lincoln, myself and George decided we absolutely had to check it out.

The houses surrounding the asylum had largely been demolished and there were many construction workers present, building the new ‘St Johns Village’. 808 more words

The abandoned amusement park temple

Renegade Wife is often nice enough to search for interesting places for us to go. A little while ago she found one place which used to be an amusement park but has later been taken over by a Buddhist organisation who have turned it into a kind of temple or monastery.  517 more words


The Aftermath

One down, one to go.

This is not an uncommon sight around here, where the uncertainties of farming, the need of fewer people to work the same crops, the (periodic) rise of the oil and gas industries, the increasing population of elderly people, and other factors mean that walking away and letting nature take its course is a common decision. 22 more words


My Life In April

I went to a ladies night to raise money for my cousins nursery and silliness ensued! 224 more words

Blog Me

Deferred Maintenance in Texas

These photos are digital all the way, shot on a trip or two across Texas. This is why I really don’t go out with my camera where I currently sojourn in Houston:  Everything is too CLEAN! 183 more words