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I love old buildings.  I want to know their history and wish I could see them as they were in their glory days.  But, when they have outlived their usefulness, they are often abandoned and left for nature to reclaim.  305 more words

All but one

This place. I have a strange fascination with it.

It used to be a fancy downtown hotel called (I think) the In Town Inn. It’s been mostly vacant since I can remember, but there are a few hints of its former grandeur. 106 more words


The Northern State Hospital.

Tucked away in the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest, there are some abandoned buildings surrounding by acres of land. These buildings, while beautiful in a way that only abandoned places can be, are rumored to also be home to ghosts of those who lived and died on the property. 515 more words


Kampot, Cambodia

Where do I begin about this beautiful place?

Kampot is near the southern coast of the country, near a large river. It is famous for its pepper production, as in peppercorn. 478 more words


West Seattle Vanished

West Seattle actually had a working flour mill, Stone Ground Mills. The mill produced Stone Buhr Flour, which we have used for years. The mill* is located at 26th and Yancy St., adjacent to what is now Nucor Steel. 134 more words


Then and now...the school

The school beside the road between Ponte a Serraglio and La Villa used to be so full some students had to move to the Boy Scout (now Red Cross) building opposite. 44 more words

Bagni Di Lucca

Light, where once was darkness

A couple of years ago my friend Ehpem and I spent some time photographing an abandoned house. I was happy to see the way the light from the window bounced around inside of the cabinet; lucky for me that the sink was gone!

Jordan River, British Columbia
photographed 4.22.2015