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Sad Trailer, 2

An interior shot of the same trailer from yesterday. That coffee mug on the counter makes me think the resident intended to return someday, but that could be my own pro-coffee confirmation bias.

Valentine, Texas
photographed 7.11.2015


Rothesay Academy

Quite a few local people told me about the former Rothesay Academy when I talked about my research to them.  Although not mid war architecture, it is the other significant example of modernist architecture on the Isle of Bute. 430 more words


I often wondered just how long it would take for all traces of my house to disappear if left completely alone to the elements. I may be able to watch and document the demise of the house in the above photograph over the next several years. 22 more words


When you need a train

As hard as it is to imagine when you see the town today, there used to be a rail line through Roaring Springs. It operated until 1981, and now the tracks are gone. 58 more words


Abandoned Buildings of Colorado # 4

As some of you know before I was a Bowman, I was a Camper. This name that I was born with has always meant a lot to me. 116 more words