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Thursday Doors, 19/10/17. Searching hard for doors, Theletra, Cyprus....

I’m now back home in Cyprus for a few weeks and after an intense few days of cleaning and gardening and needing an escape, I linked up with a good friend who enjoys poking around the old villages in our district with a camera and I was very happy to find that she also loves doors! 279 more words


Covered Wagons

The covered wagon: Is there really anything else that can put into perspective how fortunate we are today in the area of transportation?  Our modern transportation includes things that seem right out of science fiction from the air to our four wheels on the roadway. 291 more words


Ryegate, Montana

While on an investigation in a little speck of the map called Ryegate, Montana I happened down a long dusty road.  Usually these roads lead to nowhere right?   658 more words


Splash of Color - Video blog portion

Well, I’ve been told I need to video blog more often so here is a re-post.  I posted this on my social media recently so sorry if you’ve already seen this.   22 more words


The Shady Side

There wasn’t a lot of shade, but there was a little bit beside an abandoned church. The small and infrequent trees didn’t offer much, so it was nice that the building stepped up to help.

Grenville, New Mexico
photographed 8.26.2017



Strange title I know.  Your probably even wondering why my picture I set as the feature image is…well…not so pretty?  This is a story I’ve held to myself for sometime.   1,664 more words


Sarajevo's Olympic Bobsleigh

In 1984 Sarajevo hosted the winter olympic games.

I had heard about an abandoned bobsleigh run, left to rot in the Trebevic mountains above the city.   281 more words