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Abandoned Vintage Hotel Rooms - Poconos Resort - YouTube

“When you venture out to do urban exploring, things don’t always go as planned. This video is a prime example of that, but it’s also an example of not giving up too quickly.

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In the moonless night the cold winds blow in the duskiness of the loneliness river bank, two men come to fish at 3am, while the two walking they heard a tiny cry of a baby, they both turns and say ” did you hear that?” They both say they hear someone’s crying, they were afraid to go into the jungle as they were sure it must be a ghost trying to frightening them as it was their hour and human are supposed to be in beds. 235 more words


Abandoned Bruce Lee Restaurant Everything Left Inside - YouTube

“Hows it going explorers so in todays video i head to southampton to explore an abandoned Chinese restaurant. This place has been shut for a good couple of years and closed down due to poor food hygiene.

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