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Movie Reviews 210 – Sucker Punch (2011)

Director Zack Snyder already proved he could make movies look dazzling with some of the most ambitious CGI and special effects in some of his earlier movies like Watchmen and 300. 641 more words

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Happy new y… um, February 1st!

Dear the Internet,

Yep, my updates are maintaining the usual stately pace in 2015. Sorry. It’s been busy.

Well, actually, the first few weeks of the year were wonderfully unbusy and I had some time to do things like “not write for a bit”, but then View from the Street started up again, coinciding wonderfully with the Prime Minister deciding to look at the lessons of 2014 and go “yeah, nah.” 188 more words

RoboCop (2014)

There’s no denying how great Verhoeven’s original RoboCop is and how in no way is it in need of a remake. That being said, my interest in this movie was peaked when I saw the trailers and realised it seemed to be going in it’s own direction with the material. 512 more words

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The bright (and shooting) star of the Romantic John Keats

Can a shooting star remain imprinted in the memory, even nearly 200 years after its fleeting, sudden passage? To answer this question we need the help of Jane Campion, New Zealand director and screenwriter who in 2009 shoot the hidden pearl on which we are going to talk: … 362 more words

REVIEWS: Hidden Pearls