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Abbie is a complete natural beauty! We had so much fun going around down town Kennesaw looking for awesome spots to shoot! She was so relaxed in front of the camera and so willing to do anything!


A Letter to Abbie on Her 1st Birthday

Dear Abbie,

You turned 1 about a month ago.  Its really hard to believe its been a year since you, our spunky, feisty little girl was born.   311 more words

1 Year Old

Painted Faces By Abbie

I chose this selection of images as i find it interesting when a model’s face is contorted by paint or other things to create patterns or peculiar effects. 35 more words


Distortion by Abbie

I chose this collection of images as i think it relates closely to our chosen word kaleidoscopic. I have interpreted this word into distortion as a kaleidoscope distorts images. 58 more words


Multicolour by Abbie

I simply chose these images because i liked how the use of different colours was used and highlighted. I really like how the colours are used in patterns and art work, either side by side or mixed together. 22 more words


kaleidoscopic by Abbie

I created this repeated pattern of Photoshop, using of of the images from our group blog. After, i did this i altered the settings of the image to create this nice effect. 80 more words


Reflections by Abbie

Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko,Sunrise , vintage

I like these images as the reflective surface creates a shiny, mystical vibe to them. I love how reflection is used differently to create different effects in each photo. 50 more words