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Painted Faces By Abbie

I chose this selection of images as i find it interesting when a model’s face is contorted by paint or other things to create patterns or peculiar effects. 35 more words


Distortion by Abbie

I chose this collection of images as i think it relates closely to our chosen word kaleidoscopic. I have interpreted this word into distortion as a kaleidoscope distorts images. 58 more words


Multicolour by Abbie

I simply chose these images because i liked how the use of different colours was used and highlighted. I really like how the colours are used in patterns and art work, either side by side or mixed together. 22 more words


kaleidoscopic by Abbie

I created this repeated pattern of Photoshop, using of of the images from our group blog. After, i did this i altered the settings of the image to create this nice effect. 80 more words


Reflections by Abbie

Mount fuji at Lake kawaguchiko,Sunrise , vintage

I like these images as the reflective surface creates a shiny, mystical vibe to them. I love how reflection is used differently to create different effects in each photo. 50 more words


Psychedelic by Abbie

I like the selection of colours in these images as the neon adds depth and intrigue. I love how the patterns play tricks on the mind and take you to a new world. 39 more words