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On Saturday 18th October 2014, after a much regretted heavy works night out in Preston, me and my two university friends jetted off on our mini (gelato filled) tour of Italy, first stop Pisa! 703 more words

Introducing Abbie

It’s Thursday 14th January 2016, and I have already booked 3 holidays just this week!!
When looking at a potential location I always try to google a travel blog to find out more about the location and take other people’s experiences to hopefully help me to improve my own. 137 more words

16 Geeky Resolutions for 2016

Hey y’all! You know what they say: New year, new blog.¬†Since I’m positive I’m not the only person who waited for 2016 to start a blog, here’s my contribution to the flood of first posts that have come in this week: my 16 New Year’s Resolutions to level up my geekiness. 783 more words


France: the definition of insanity

I’ve been thinking about what I should write about what’s happened in France, and I’m not sure I could. The people I trust to know all say that what the thugs in ISIS hopes to do is to do two things, divide western populations from Muslim citizens, and to provoke more violence in the Middle East. 405 more words


Abbie's Test Post

Complete the exact same steps for each person’s individual posts.

I know it seems complicated, but apparently, this is how you have to do it. 96 more words


My New Avatar

No, I don’t look like her. This is just my avatar (on this site, wordpress, and twitter). Also it’s in honor of how great Sleepy Hollow season 3 started! 64 more words

My Journal Entries


We have 2 coaches for the cheer team this year. This is both Abbie and Kristin’s 3rd year coaching.

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Meet The Squad