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Celtic saint of the day 23rd May

St Gobhan, has long been historically linked with the parish of Seagoe – Teach dho-Ghobha in County Armagh. A St Gobban – Gobban find mac Lugdach(c 560-639), was primarily known for his abbacy of the monastery of Oldleighlin, County Carlow, where in 633 an importantsynod was held to debate the timing of Easter. 200 more words

Feasts And Commemorations

New Faces, New Threats

Rising slowly from their camp outside the gates, the party are awoken by tradesmen arriving for the final day of the Festival. A party of workmen singing a jaunty tune as they traipsed north out of the gates, laiden with tools, made sure the sleep was definitely at an end. 1,915 more words


Raising, Falling.

May you be happy, free from suffering, disease, grief, trouble, difficulty, danger, and may you be protected from all misfortune (Ajahn Supan, Abbot Wat Rampoeng)

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Vigilance in the Time of Waiting

From an instruction by Saint Columban, abbot:

Light everlasting in the temple of the eternal high priest

How blessed, how fortunate, are those servants whom the Lord will find watchful when he comes.

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Abigail is my second cousin eight times removed; we are related through John and Lia (BLOTT) GREENE.  The name GOODRICH and GOODRIDGE are used interchangeably in records, I’m going to stick to GOODRIDGE for the purpose of this narrative since it is the name that became common use in the mid 1800’s.  940 more words

Highlighted Family Member

Elizabeth ABBOT

Elizabeth is my first cousin nine times removed; we are related through John GREENE and Lia BLOTT, my ninth great grandparents.  Elizabeth inherited “portion of corn or grist mill at Quamphegon with profits, one iron pott, half of the swine (except one sow) also my table with a new draw to it and two chairs, the new end of the dwelling house at Quamphegon” from her father Thomas on 20 April 1713 in Berwick, York, Maine. 742 more words

Highlighted Family Member

Celtic saints of the day 18th January 2016


St. Dicuil, Abbot
(Deel, Deicuil, Desle, Dichul, Deicolus)

St. Dicuil of Lure

Born in Leinster, Ireland, c. 530; died in Lure, France, c. 625. Deicolus, the elder brother of… 516 more words

Feasts And Commemorations