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Gays, God and grammar: On the 2016 Texas GOP platform

Good morning Austin:

Just as it appeared Donald Trump had slain political correctness, along comes its condescending cousin – grammatical correctness.

The story on the popular liberal web site continues: 4,002 more words


America atwitter as @realDonaldTrump eyes @JusticeWillett for #SupremeCourt

Good morning Austin. Good morning Justice Willett.


And to think, when today began, the most 🔥🔥🔥 thing on my calendar was @La_Barbecue w/ @iowahawkblog…

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Trust me, says a creepy serial liar!

Written by Max Gross

First published Wednesday, 28 August 2013 http://www.xenoxnews.com/local/3159-2013-federal-election-australia

Dazed, dumbfounded but undaunted, Max Gross rises from his crypt to confront Australia’s blasted political landscape and confirm the worst. 768 more words


Eight months on: Reflections on the Abbott years

I’ll come clean: I’ve been living in a state of “abyss”, a period of time (some eight months) where the news of Malcolm Turnbull replacing Tony Abbott as Prime Minister hadn’t fully sunk in yet. 1,137 more words


Will God punish America for rejecting Ted Cruz, and if not, what's up with that?

Good morning Austin:

Saturday Night Live opened with Dana Carvey reprising his role as Church Lady, hosting Taran Killam’s Ted Cruz and Darrell Hammond’s Donald Trump on… 3,246 more words


I'm joining the Freestyle Libre club!

After a week of asking around about the Freestyle Libre sensor, I am excited to say I have finally decided to join the club!

I am currently awaiting delivery, hopefully in the upcoming week or two – very exciting! 388 more words

Dan Patrick: Trump should replace Scalia with Cruz, and other healing thoughts

Good morning Austin:

Well that was fast.

Not to be a party pooper, but for all the grace of Ted Cruz’s sudden exit from the race, he was outdistanced not just by Donald J. 2,261 more words