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Turnbull is mired in a Barnaby crisis of his own making - and Abbott knows it

Abbott’s not problem solving for the nation he’s problem solving for himself and it really ahs more to do with the game of politics rather than anything else. 119 more words


Sharks united

Despite a convincing scoreline, Lodway were made to battle for three points against Nailsea. 655 more words

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Wayne Swan on retirement, Abbott, Turnbull and right-wing radicalisation

Tony Abbott and a group of extreme right-wing thugs conducted one of the most vicious and destructive scare campaigns in modern history on deficit and debt — which has since doubled and even tripled, in some years … And they have been aided by the Murdoch press, which has acted as a cheer squad and echo chamber.

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How John Howard boosted migration and embraced foreign students, in five charts - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Permanent Intake

Student and 457 visas

Former prime minister Tony Abbott wants Australia to cut its immigration intake to what it was under the Howard government.

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Nancy Pelosi's `cold-blooded' warning to Democratic primary voters: `If the person who can't win, wins, it's not a priority race for us anymore.'

Good afternoon Austin:

Life is filled with mysteries.

For example, how did I end up talking to Nancy Pelosi for an hour and 25 minutes yesterday. 4,528 more words


Blog #34 – People No More……

Dear Pharma Veterans! The purpose of ‘Pharma Veterans’ is to share your wealth of knowledge and wisdom with others. And to create a movement to recognize and celebrate the Pharma Industry Professionals.

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Tony Mansplains Why Malcolm Shouldn't Malsplain In Public! - » The Australian Independent Media Network

Yes, nobody thought to ask Tones, if criticisms should be kept private, why did he not follow his own advice and call Malcolm directly?

Tony, of couse, may have had a number of reasons.

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