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Entitlement needs to retire....

Will the age of entitlement ever be over for politicians?


With the message for the people of Australia that the “age of entitlement is over”, one could reasonably expect that our politicians would be very vocal about tightening the strings on expenses.  54 more words


And so...the new adventure begins

     It has been an amazing 5 years working at Abbott and today marks the last day of this chapter. It is with sadness that I will be leaving a job with such a talented group of people whom I can call family and trusted friends. 417 more words

Climate change....

Whether you believe it is man made or not (although how you could still be doubting I don’t understand), we cannot keep polluting our planet and not pay for it in the future. 260 more words


The jockeying has begun.

Australia is gearing towards the upcoming 2016 elections with the two major political parties already positioning themselves in the best possible position for a strong finish in the elections which are theoretically, around thirteen months away. 451 more words


Book Review

My review of ‘Battlelines’ by Tony Abbott (our ‘beloved’ Australian Prime Minister) – –

Once you put it down, you just can’t pick it up. A book so dull, tedious, humourless and lacking in any vigour, that upon opening it, my pot plants shrivelled up and died, my cat screamed a human scream and ran out of the room on its hind legs and my car turned back into the raw materials from which it was built! 136 more words