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You can't handle the truth - 2

Daniel Lin @DLin71 nicely captured the current xenophobia here in the USA over the Syrian crisis, in one tweet.

What we know about Paris terrorists…

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Governor Brown: Accept Refugees but Carefully Vet Them

Nov 17, 2015 (SACRAMENTO) “I intend to work closely with the President so that he can both uphold America’s traditional role as a place of asylum, but also ensure that anyone seeking refuge in America is fully vetted in a sophisticated and utterly reliable way.” 404 more words

Australian PM: Dog Who Caught Bus He Was Chasing

UPDATE: Turnbull wants to do a deal with the DevilMalcolm must be insane if he thinks cutting a deal will satisfy Islamic State.   This deal could possibly cede the Islamic State its own territory. 578 more words


Abbott: Texas Will Not Accept Syrian Refugees

BREAKING: Texas will not accept any Syrian refugees & I demand the U.S. act similarly. Security comes first. https://t.co/uE34eluXYd

— Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) November 16, 2015…

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You can't fight an ideological war by shutting physical borders

As news came out yesterday evening that a Syrian refugee passport was found next to one of the terrorists in the Paris attacks on Friday, predictably the media pounced, and all the right wing refugee-demonisers came out in force. 502 more words



He was surrounded by capable women, so why was Tony Abbott dogged by claims of sexism and misogyny?”

Thus spake Van Onselen in today’s Weekend Australian. 320 more words

Different strokes: O'Malley sings, Trump stings

Good morning Austin:

Yesterday was Martin O’Malley Day here in Austin.

Sort of.

The third wheel of the Democratic presidential contest spent the day in town: 4,484 more words