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The River Down Below

The marvelous river Kunhar flows down below the mountains in Kaghan Vallery. The river starts from Lulusar lake in Jalkhad and joins Jehlum River in Abbottabad after crossing through 160KM Kaghan Valley. 9 more words


Stunning surroundings of Abbottabad

Abbottabad is a city located in the Hazara region of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province at an altitude of 4,134 ft. The city is bounded on all four sides by the Sarban hills, from which residents and tourists can see breathtaking views of the region and city. 20 more words


They Can See a 'Stick of Butter from Space' — The Billion Dollar Spy Agency You've Never Heard Of

While most Americans would consider the CIA, and perhaps the NSA, household names, one U.S. spy agency — whose headquarters surpasses the U.S. Capitol in size — has managed to keep to the shadows while possessing cutting edge tools of the surveillance trade. 1,231 more words


know what's under your feet

Since our childhood, we have been listening and burning it into our minds, one of the most important sayings of prophet Muhammad (S.A.W), “Cleanliness is the half faith”. 627 more words


Dear India. Who would you choose? Fawad or Firoz?

Fawad Khan

Lance Naik Firoz Khan

On your screen there are two Khans.

The one on the left is Pakistani superstar Fawad Khan. He has chosen to condemn terror attacks everywhere else except in India. 1,230 more words