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TV Shows to Watch This Fall!

What’s up guys! I’m Marrill and I’m here today with shows that I will be watching this Fall.

Okay, before I start I want to add a disclaimer – I am not a professional TV watcher! 429 more words


Pretty Little Liars This week's episode was so interesting. I will not reveal what happened just in case you have not seen it yet. I have been waiting for this moment for about three or four years. They are finally showing us who has been torturing them all these years. At the end of season five we thought that we had gotten to see who ' A ' was but there's actually a twist. In this season everyone who you thought was creepy, believe it. They are ten times more creepy than you could even imagine. Even some people who you thought were good, are bad. Every Tuesday it comes on gives me so much life because I live for these four girls. My mom always says, "you watching them liars again, why won't they just tell the truth?" And I am yelling like " MA THEY CAN'T OR THEY'LL GET IN TROUBLE" It's so funny because all the drama, is great. Who doesn’t love a good dramatic show? I sure do. If you do not watch Pretty Little Liars, you should. If you do not like it, you are crazy because it’s the best freaking show on television right now. Soon I plan on binge watching it. If you are not familiar with this process, I will be happy to explain. Pick a day to lie on couch all day like a huge sack of potatoes and watch all SEVEN seasons of hour long episodes in one day from beginning to the end. Sounds great right, why not invite a couple friends over and do it. Anyways, there is this one lady with a lot of wrinkles and really really bright eyes. She really creeps me out, but she seems to be on their side as her nose started gushing with blood when in contact with their lead person Nole Khan. This was only summer's season, so I cannot wait until Fall season begins. It is most definitely bitter sweet though because that only means my journey with Aria, Spencer, Ally, Emily, and my favorite liar Hannah is coming to an end. WC: 371


Maddie Hasson Is Pretty Cute

Maddie Hasson popped up on my radar on the ABC Family show Twisted which pretty much seemed to be their “stab” at an original Pretty Little Liars  184 more words


Pretty Little Liars - "We've All Got Baggage" Recap

Pretty Little Liars

Season 6, Episode 17 “We’ve All Got Baggage”

Original Air date: February 23, 2016

Contains spoilers if you have not watched the episode… 553 more words

Pretty Little Liars

Make It or Break It Cast Reunites, Reflects on Series' Top Relationships

Four years after Freeform’s ABC Family’s gymnastics drama Make It or Break It landed its final dismount, the cast reunited for a Facebook live chat with fans. 313 more words


‘Switched At Birth’ Gets Premiere Date For Its Final Season

‘Switched At Birth’ finally gets a premiere date for its fifth and final season. The show will return on January 24th 2017.

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This Day in Disney History July 25th

1923-Disney Legend Estelle Getty is born.

1936-Mickey Mouse cartoon Alpine Climbers is released.

1976-Television show Superstar Goofy airs.

1987-Television series Down and Out in Beverly Hills… 53 more words