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Donald Trump's No-Surrender Approach Flummoxes Fact-Checking Media

In the 1967 movie “A Guide For the Married Man,” a philandering husband is told to “Deny, deny, deny,” even when his wife walks in on him in bed with another woman. 595 more words


David Muir, Martha Raddatz To Anchor ABC's Dem And GOP Debates

ABC unveiled some plans for its coverage of the next Democratic debate which once again, has been scheduled on a Saturday, December 19. Most important: the network’s… 151 more words


Following Up: The Flood of Refugee Canards Rivals the Flood of Refugees

The inaccurate, ahistorical, illogical, and downright irrational canards about the wisdom of admitting significant numbers of Middle East refugees into the United States keep popping up as fast as refugees are being created.  1,493 more words

Following Up

'GMA' at 40: Untold Story of How the Morning Show War Began

NEW YORK — ABC’s “Good Morning America” celebrated its 40th anniversary Thursday by bringing back virtually all of its past hosts and contributors — David Hartman, Joan Lunden, Diane Sawyer, Charlie Gibson and many more. 2,406 more words


Charlie Sheen Announces He Has HIV Which Really Isn't All That Surprising, Not Winning

No one should really be surprised Charlie Sheen has the AIDS (HIV and AIDS are pretty much the same thing, right? You’d think I’d have learned that after years of health classes and Magic Johnson documentaries but I still don’t know so we’re just gonna roll with it). 216 more words