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Bruce Jenner Interview: ABC News Unveils More Material This Week

ABC News continued to roll out its Bruce Jenner transition story this morning on Good Morning America. The continuation of the reporting is no surprise – it’s the May sweep. 345 more words

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The Bruce Jenner thing

If for some reason you have been away from technology, out there living in the real world (a wild concept – I know) you may not have been privy to the latest rabbit that crazy Hollywood bunch have pulled out of the hat. 620 more words

Bruce Jenner's E! TV Series: The Risk to His New Reputation

ABC News’ interview with Bruce Jenner on Friday was a poignant, restrained, socially conscious portrait of a person looking to set an example that could do some good for the world. 1,726 more words


I Don't Care if Bruce Jenner Wears a Dress!

I happened to catch the ABC Diane Sawyer interview with Bruce Jenner the other night. Although I was expecting more than I actually got, it made me think. 969 more words


ABC News joins Dean Richards to update the Nepal Earthquake

ABC News Radio Correspondent Tom Rivers reports from London to share with Dean the damage the earthquake Saturday caused in Nepal, and the disaster relief efforts that are underway. 13 more words


Nearly two months later, Hillary's scandals still loom large

It’s been almost two months since Hillary’s missing e-mails became prevalent in the news. Since then things have gotten progressively worse for the former Secretary of State, Senator and  First lady. 70 more words