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Unfinished Business: How Did I Get Here?

ABC Open has published my 500 word story, a reimagining of our climb up Mt Kenya: https://open.abc.net.au/explore/48hv8oi 

There are people who claim that men are naturally risk takers, or perhaps just dumb and stubborn. 586 more words

ABC Open

ABC Open

I found this interesting way to publish or broadcast our team’s digital story when surfing on the internet. Could not wait to share this with my friends. 90 more words


6 Life Lessons from the Making of Apple Girl: The Movie

So, what’s the next logical step after loads of photo shoots, a manga book and a guest blog post? A movie, perhaps?  Well, that’s exactly what we thought was Apple Girl’s due. 750 more words


Our Stories, This Space. Juggling Airwaves, Catching Place.

In 2015 I was incredibly flattered to be invited and commissioned to create an original artwork for ABC Great Southern.

My concept was to create a piece of art that captured the wild beauty of the Great Southern while illustrating the… 499 more words

Hillseagle Part II

“Turn it off” he yelled.
“Turn it OFF”,
“But we have to…”
“You two shut up. They’ll find us.”, the Captain kicked out at the two soldiers. 267 more words


Poem- Nihlist

A written omage
A lettered lesson,
in time pride, hurt and knowledge
So it was burned as all bridges eventually are
With his mighty ink sword at rest… 222 more words