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Just For Today - Does my bum look big on this?

Photogapher: Eric Parker

Just for Today – I hope you enjoy a giggle at my expense!

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Rainbows, Silos & Pots of Gold

Sitting in my office at home, I have a great view of the street and sky to the west of town. It’s great because late in the afternoon I can continue working while keeping an eye on the setting sun, camera ready to snap that all too common sunset shot from atop my roof. 201 more words


ABC Open

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A vehicle changes your life. Its something only understood when you’ve been on both sides of the wheel. I am a driver. The wheel has always come naturally to me, and because I feel so natural I have been seen as vagrant by the law, giving me plenty of time to reflect on foot. 521 more words


Bestial love

The naked bestial
with the ugliness
fuck it,
robot motions
the oiled abortions
love faceless
love change
love fake
love strange


Nameless I

Pack up the years
place them in a suitcase
leave the gate to rust
on its old dead hinges
Enter the world
on the street… 69 more words