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E is for earth

Tilling earth.

Being alive in the world is amazing. Death, darkness, and pain are a part of it, but stronger and greater are hope, light, and beauty. 44 more words

The Two Year Old Signing Reader

When the boys turned two, Reid was starting to put a couple of words together but Jake was still grunting at me a lot. But right before he turned two he started showing an interest in letters and reading.   1,084 more words


H is for Hanging

H is for Hanging, hand embroidered work in progress.
Also, a bunny!



D is for Dust

Our dusty driveway delights me. This is the rural dream I’ve long desired, dirty dishes, barking dogs, and dandelions included. One foot is still on shore while we hold the deed to our first house. 81 more words

Favorite ABCs & 123s Apps (iPad, iPhone & iPod touch) for Toddlers

We have already reviewed our Favorite Art, Shapes, and Colors Apps for Toddlers. Now on to Tommy’s favorite ABCs &  123s apps!

I attribute much of T’s alphabet and number recognition skills to the use of these apps. 2,298 more words

Toddler Learning Activities

S is for Simple Rules

Consider the following: schooling fish, roundabouts, segregation, and human consciousness are all examples of the same fundamental property of the world.  It may seem crazy to suggest that roundabouts may be interesting in some sense, but bear with me. 1,092 more words

Science Writing

A general approach to resuscitation

The objective of First10EM is to review specific emergency medicine scenarios that require urgent action, allow little time for thought, and therefore benefit from a pre-thought out plan. 1,100 more words

First10EM Cases