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R Is For...


Remember when you were younger, and as you layed in bed after a busy day you could feel the adrenaline coursing through your body? Like your body was in motion, recreating your movements from earlier? 673 more words

I Write Things

Q Is For...


“Thank you” – host bows – “take your seats. You’re too much, really. Good evening all, I am your host, Francis James, and this is”… 339 more words


'Oh, Why Not' Collection

By Aw Jeanice

The ‘Oh, Why Not’ collection is made up of the following series in order: Urbanisation, Barcode, Paper Cut and Back to Basics… 190 more words


Crystal Series

by Aw Jeanice

Y for Yield. To know when to be unyielding and when to yield.

E for Expectations. To manage expectations of myself and of others. 77 more words


P Is For...


In Jarhead, there’s a story, “A Story. A man fires a rifle for many years… And he goes to war. And afterward, he turns the rifle in at the armory… And he believes he’s finished with the rifle. 635 more words


Broster 7: Next Time Won't You Sing With Me?

I’ve been asked this question a lot. I think it’s rhetorical.

Broster is a farcical weekly, single-panel comic series about a brother and a sister created by Joe Mohr. 36 more words


C stands for Curiosity and Cold [ABCs of a better life]

C stands for Curiosity

After all, it is the title of this blog. Curiosity is oftentimes considered to be a bad habit. “Curiosity killed the cat” right? 886 more words