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3 Steps to Prioritizing Your Decision-Making

Sometimes, it’s really hard to make decisions. The more important the decision at hand, the more likely there are multiple factors or variables that we have to consider. 567 more words

6 Ways to Safeguard Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Identity theft is very real. And our digital lives make it easier than ever to be hacked. Think about your week. How many emails did you send? 419 more words

Teaching your Preschooler

I consider myself to have very smart kids as I’m sure we all do. Well in anticipation of  getting my daughter ready for her 1st year in the school system, I want to make sure she is way past the expectations for a J.K student. 192 more words


7 Year End Financial Planning Considerations

As we flip the page to December, we often turn our attention to shopping, holiday parties, gift giving and family gatherings. It may seem like just yesterday you were planning your 4th of July, or your weeklong summer vacation. 588 more words

Owning Property with Someone Else

Maybe you inherited property with your sibling when Mom died. Maybe it’s your family friend, a long-term boyfriend or a committed partner. Whatever the circumstance, owning a home with an unmarried partner raises unique issues that should be dealt with before the closing. 451 more words

R is For Romance Part II

Happy Valentines Day! Part II of R is for Romance is up.

F is for Friend

  Photo by Hannah Valentine on Unsplash

Love is fickle. Breakups happen. 596 more words


The ABCs of Content Marketing for Marketing Agencies

I’m going to ask you few questions so be honest and answer fast.

Do you think content marketing is important? Are making enough effort when it comes to your content marketing? 949 more words