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Get gas radio let's us get 89 octane. You need to fix that its negative for all

Its not that your sarcastic, crazy,hiding, cheapYou need to fix your making me cry all the time that I need better so foes she
Don’t wait to take at gas pump and not help at for 93 octane ever… 50 more words


Are you satisfied with the noises you get from me after annoying me

Crying noises, talked about sicko noises

Makes me cry the retard comes back hoping for more noises that help him make money by leaving him out… 20 more words


Now bull horn speaker

Wants to see what I think when a law agent drives past me

Did you arrest pervert and still curious to what I think

I think your liars and need to stop DJ perverting

I am right


I was showering many different times and years and hear a man on bull horn talking about me in the shower

Cornered in for man on bull horns pleasureLast time was at Motel 6 heard bull horn man said something wrong with that water that is touching your naked body Keith… 18 more words


ABC Favorite Names 2017 - A - Boys

We decided to do an experiment. These are our current favorite names that start with A, there are 25 boys and 7 almost made the top. 4,229 more words