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Amish ABC

Time to get down to the ABCs of Amish life,because these newly cut out wooden letters are all packed up for shipping.

The Single Thing Holding You Back From Finding Success

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF): Succumbing to your hidden fear of rejection and approval will stagnate your chances of being successful.

  • The successful ones are those who chose to keep on going despite setbacks and continue to maintain momentum towards achieving success. 
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The ABC's of Faith

4 Year Old East Texan Recites ABC’s With A Twist

This is probably one of the most precious things I’ve ever seen! God is good! 😊

Two You Tube Videos

This Is The Introduction For The First Video.

Review of the “Wendy’s Double Baconator”.

This Is The Introduction For The Second Video.

A to Z, Learning Abc’s.


Monster Letters LOL

These little guys are a sampling of images I’ve been making of monster letters that spell out common text expressions.

Which expressions would you like to see i a set of these guys?


Mini Books

I love these little book! I think it is because they can be whatever you and your child need them to be…and they are freaky easy. 582 more words

Age 3

Bottle Cap Letters

This is one of my favorite ways to work on our ABC’s for ages 2 through 5. It is so simple and so many ways to play so lets get you your own set of Bottle Cap ABC’s! 374 more words

Age 3