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Mrs Simpson

I wear you casual style
boastful about my hat
red feathers flying.
Trending the image of pleasing
dressed in the fashion of fun.

I write long– my lines criss crossing… 64 more words


Laying Aside His Rights


And as soon as David returned from the striking down of the Philistine, Abner took him, and brought him before Saul with the head of the Philistine in his hand. 641 more words

Temple Chronicle: 6th February

It is entirely possible to become attached to practice, to achieving and succeeding, either cheered on or envied by our Dharma siblings. It is a human characteristic to compete with others, but it is not natural because it involves a separation. 576 more words

True Nature

It's a Matter of Conscience

In these polarized political times the voting cycle is designed to stir up the base emotions, whether done intentionally or not that is today’s reality.  I’ve tried to refrain from posting political comments and rants, but it’s a lost cause I’m afraid.   1,302 more words

Historian Doubts Nicholas II Abdicated the Throne

The original document of Emperor Nicholas II’s abdication has not survived, so there may not have been any abdication at all, principal research officer of the Russian History Institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences Vladimir Lavrov, Ph.D. 267 more words

Honourable Accountability

I was recently told, in a conversation, that someone I’m acquainted with, in light of all the suffering due to the occurrence of colonisation, that she’d give up everything in order to have a better history, that nothing she has is worth the pain suffered by all the generations of people. 332 more words