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Common Sense vs. the Common Good

I’m not sure when it happened. I guess it was probably around the time pampering parents started placing pointed fingers at professors for their children’s poor grades and convicts started pleading insanity to excuse their criminal activities. 750 more words

Limits of Power for Exiled Royal Families: Conclusion

On December 30, 2007, King Michael signed a new Statute of the Royal House, called Fundamental Rules of the Royal House of Romania. These new House Laws were implicitly based on European Union type of legislation, specifically those laws which addresses the European Convention on Human Rights, which, however, does not guarantee any right to reign as a monarch of any country, and also on the values of the Romanian society. 1,196 more words

Kingdom Of Europe

The Nazis' Choice for King and Queen

A wedding photo of the former King Edward VIII and divorcée Mrs Wallis Simpson, now the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, on  the 3rd of June 1937. 34 more words



Never before have we seen such a blatant act of congressional irresponsibility.

After 48 or so “hearings” that wantonly consumed the time of expert resource persons, stakeholders and ordinary citizens, the ad hoc committee on the BBL simply trashed all inputs and all insights gathered, railroading the “Palace version” of the bill past the committee level. 881 more words


SE39 Week 10 - Uncrowned Kings Part II

This is the conclusion to the Uncrowned Kings two parter. Go read the first one if you haven’t already. Today we’re talking about…

Edward VIII… 999 more words

One From the Archive: 'Abdication' by Juliet Nicolson **

First published in July 2012.

Abdication is the first work of fiction by historian Juliet Nicolson. The novel is set in a turbulent time, in which Edward VIII has been crowned as the new king of England after the death of his predecessor George V. 629 more words

Heirs and Spares

It’s been a while since I have blogged as I have been hard at work writing a book on the Queen for the Pocket Giants Series… 767 more words