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Japanese Emperor Akihito may be thinking of abdicating his post because his age is making it difficult to fulfill his duties as emperor. The BBC… 1,120 more words

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On Monday, August 8th, the Emperor of Japan made a rare televised address to the Japanese people. In his 28 years on the Chrysanthemum Throne, this is only the second time that the Japanese people have been addressed through mass media by Emperor Akihito, the first being in the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear meltdowns of March 11, 2011. 1,641 more words


About abdication

The Japanese Emperor suggests he wants to “abdicate.” Where does this uncommon word come from?

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Emperor Akihito and abdication

On the same weekend that Alex Rodriguez, 41, announced his retirement from baseball, Japanese Emperor Akihito, 82, made an address to the Japanese nation in which he indicated his desire to abdicate–a wish current Japanese law has no provision to grant. 399 more words

The Japanese Emperor suggests he wants to "abdicate." Where does this uncommon word come from?

While he didn’t directly use the word (or its Japanese equivalent), Japanese Emperor Akihito made his intent clear: In a rare public address, the Emperor suggested he wishes to abdicate, citing concerns about how his advanced age and declining health will hinder his performance. 231 more words

Japan’s ageing emperor hints at abdication

Emperor Akihito said Monday his advancing age and weakening health mean he may no longer be able to carry out his duties, setting the stage for Japan to prepare for an historic abdication. 588 more words

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Emperor Akihito of Japan Raises Possibility of Leaving Throne

Emperor Akihito, 82, spoke publicly for the first time about retiring, saying he feared it would become ‘more difficult’ to fulfill his duties.

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