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Sharpe's Revenge: a review

As the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo approaches this June, it would be a good time to revisit Sharpe’s Revenge: the penultimate novel that sets the stage for British rifleman Richard Sharpe’s final years as a soldier and officer during the Napoleonic Wars. 622 more words


Dear William....

Dear William Windsor,

You, like me, aren’t exactly enthralled with The Monarchy. You’re trying to please, but it seems obvious.

You keep refusing to be a ‘full time’ working royal ( yeah, right, … 524 more words

Bertone knew of Abication of Benedict and Advent of Francis 7 months before?

Rome, February 19, 2015:  It must be a mistake, or a joke, otherwise its the stuff that will ignite the wildest speculation:  Cardinal Bertone was quoted, yesterday, to have affirmed in an interview that… 255 more words


Pentecostalism: Defined in the Context of Creation's Dependence on Divine Fullness

Pentecostalism is a diverse group of restoration-

revivalistic movements held together by a

common doctrinal commitment to the

Full Gospel and experiential

worship services.

- K. 2,723 more words


Churchill and his contradictions

Everyone’s getting excited about Churchill, as we approach the 50th anniversary of his funeral in 1965, when Britain stopped for the day. And he is a genuinely interesting historical figure, full of contradictions. 1,059 more words


BLOG: Will the Queen's Christmas message be a retirement speech?

During one of my university’s news days, I wrote an article about the possibility of an abdication by our present monarch, Queen Elizabeth II. Read more here…

Post the Ninety-Second: In Which We Find Kubla Khan

Gentle Reader, I am very excited to write this post. I hope that I have time to edit it before it goes live – a little more than a week from now. 890 more words