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Self Care ways you can aid recovery after your c-section

If you’ve had a c-section or scheduled for one.  Pain is inevitable and you’ll need to lie in bed for a few days while your incision heals. 425 more words


YOGIC BREATHING- a sure-shot way to a STRESS-FREE life

It is that extra volume of air inhaled and exhaled during yogic respiration, that works wonders in eliminating the toxins from the mind, the body and the soul allowing us to live a stress-free life and a life to the fullest. 396 more words


Exam Stress: Just Breathe

What many of us don’t realise is that as well as providing us with the air we need to live, how we breathe can also affect how we feel.  922 more words


Hi there!

Lea had always been a person who wanted to live
her life in the fast pace.
Since her childhood years, she was trying to push her… 683 more words


Yogic Breathing: How to get the most out of your breath

Why is Yogic Breathing so important?

Breathing is a simple, but powerful function. In recent years, the Polyvalgal theory has shown the vagus nerve has implications on everything from complex cardiac functions to more discrete aspects of attention, motivation, feeding, communication, emotion, vocalization, and the entire muscle array of the human face, head, throat and neck.   418 more words

Physical Therapy Tips

The Art Of Breathing - QiGong

An article by Master Tan Soo Kong, D.Sc.(AM), Ph.D. Founder of Wellness Medical Qigong (WMQ).

The contents below are republished with permission from Master Tan Soo Kong. 958 more words