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Using the WWHAM Pathway in pharmacy to open up a sensitive conversation with patients

The WWHAM Pathway is a tool commonly used in pharmacy to support both pharmacists and counter assistants in opening up a conversation with patients and finding out more about their condition. 409 more words


King of Pain

I have suffered problems with my periods and hormones since my early teens. Not just the usual period pain… Nooooo! The kind of pain that makes you not know where to put yourself, that makes you cry, and that makes you try sleeping with your legs resting up the wall or curled in a ball to see if it makes any damn difference. 1,266 more words


Ground Green Cardamom

If there was a spice that I can’t live without, then cardamom would be it. Hang on, not exactly true. Well, alongside cinnamon, cumin and turmeric. 570 more words

Some Basics

1.10.12 Upset Stomach? I Was Fuming

It was unavoidable. Today’s learning has come to me in the worst possible way. I am ill, and it is not going away. A trip to the doctor’s has confirmed that I do in fact have norovirus (after the ignominy of having to pee in a paper cup). 346 more words