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Post-op Weeks 7- Body Suit Blues

I met with Dr. J Friday a week ago, and good news is, all stitches are out, the hole will be left to close on its own, and no follow-ups for one month! 871 more words

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Pain relief after colonic surgery. Has the epidural had it’s day?

Epidural analgesia (EA) grew in popularity through the nineties with several studies and systematic reviews reporting superior analgesic efficacy compared to high dose opiate. A systematic review followed suggesting EA reduced morbidity following major abdominal surgery [3] and a Cochrane Review [4] demonstrated a reduction in GI paralysis. 958 more words

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Post-op Weeks 6- Just a quick add

I don’t have much to add to today, but I did want to mention it. We got a ton of snow here in the Midwest. 19.4″ to be exact. 280 more words

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Week 4 Post-op – Revisions, revisions, revisions

This past week was spent in our annual sales meeting, so although work was slow, sitting through hours and hours of presentations, and sitting just listening is not all it’s cracked up to be. 578 more words

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Day 19 Post-op – revisions, revisions, revisions

The follow up with Dr J went well. I love the fact I walk into his office and his staff recognizes me by name and tells me how well I look like I’m walking and feeling. 366 more words

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Day 18 Post-op – All is good, so far

So returning to work wasn’t terrible. I will admit however, that I think every day about 3pm is going to require meds. After sitting through 2 meetings that were over 3 hours combined, I determined sitting is not as easy as I thought it would be. 595 more words

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Day 16 Post-op – All good things must come to an end

An end for vacation at least. So hard to believe that my 18 day “vacation” is over. I don’t really consider it vacation except from work, which I desperately needed. 446 more words

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