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How GERD and Acid Reflux Are Treated

People who suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) or chronic acid reflux will find that treatment options do exist to help them enjoy life normally without concerns for nagging, uncomfortable and often painful symptoms. 284 more words

Abdominal Surgery

The Impact of Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can affect your health in so many ways. It creates lines of tension that constrict circulation, lymphatics, efficiency of muscle and tendon action. Scar tissue also creates a tether that attempts to change your posture, creating a bending moment one direction or another that muscles on the opposite side of your body perpetually work to counter. 300 more words

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My Reluctant Surgeon Keeps Bursting My Bubbles

Yesterday I had an appointment with my reluctant surgeon to follow-up my consultation with the second opinion surgeon. She does not agree with his assessment. 841 more words


The Second Opinion Surgeon Has Spoken: Two Years Is Too Long

I recently had my appointment with the second opinion surgeon. My reluctant surgeon sent me to him for a final opinion on what should be done to treat my condition. 735 more words


Abdominal Surgery: What to Expect During Your Hospital Stay

It’s a simple fact that most people just don’t enjoying spending a second longer in the hospital than they have to. After all, hospitals can be rather scary places. 397 more words

Abdominal Surgery

Post-Op Week 17 – They say, Im proud of my scars, each one tells a story

Writer’s block. It sucks in every form. When you’re this far out from surgery, and nothing bad happens, you have nothing to write (complain) about. After 2 weeks, I finally came up with something somewhat interesting. 492 more words

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happy anniversary to me

Today marks an important anniversary in my life… an anniversary of survival.

A year ago today, I had a second surgery to deal with all of my abdominal surgery complications… 279 more words