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Two Weeks Into My Recovery

Today marks two weeks since I went through open abdominal surgery to remove a very large tumor. Honestly, the first week is quite a blur. I was in the hospital three of it, medicated, and very sore, to put it mildly.  654 more words


My Hero

Meet my hero (AKA my husband).

Since the day I told him I was having surgery he has completely stepped up and taken over. He is my maid, my cook, my caregiver, my shoulder to cry on, and the person to lend me a hand at 2 a.m. 20 more words


How Quickly Life Can Change

In one week my life went from healthy and happy to sitting on an exam table facing a doctor who said a bunch of words that I thought I would never hear. 473 more words


Visceral Therapy for stomach problems

How many people do you know who take medications for their abdomen on a regular basis? Stomach medications for heart burn, reflux or indigestion, intestinal medications for ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, or general digestive problems. 1,075 more words

Physical Therapist Tony Bare

Back from the dead---Litterally.

No, I did not have any devastating issues caused by the gastric bypass.  In January I had severe pancreatitis, followed by an ERCP to determine what caused my pancreatitis, that caused another round of severe pancreatitis and the procedure itself was a failure.   778 more words

The Cat Who Lived

Meet Lucy.

Lucy is my daughter Bryn’s cat, and she’s three years old.

My husband, Dan, rescued Lucy as a four week old kitten.  He found her abandoned in the parking garage by his office.  797 more words


Tips for Avoiding Pain After Gallbladder Surgery

For those who suffer from chronic gallbladder problems, such as inflammation or stones, removal of this non-vital organ is often very much vital. Life without a gallbladder can go on as normal, to be sure, but sometimes digestive issues crop up. 306 more words

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