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Chewing Gum for your Guts?

Does chewing gum after surgery improve bowel function? You’ll be surprised with the answer!

Bottom Line:  Chewing gum in post abdominal surgery patients shortens time to first flatus (by 10 hours), time to first bowel motion (by ~1/2 day), and length of hospital stay (by~0.7 days). 190 more words


Stomach Surgery in Dallas: How to Explore the Options

Whether there’s a need to repair a hernia, remove a gallbladder or address obesity through a bariatric surgery, finding the right doctor is important. While many surgeons offer these services, it can provide peace of mind to work directly with a physician who specializes in abdominal procedures. 292 more words

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Analgesia for Major Abdominal Surgery

This post serves as handout for my lecture of the above title I delivered at the Norwich Anaesthesia Update on the 8th December 2016.

Introduction… 3,390 more words


The Highlight Reel

I have to have another surgery. I am scared.

Girlfriend and I had Issues. Things are looking up now.

I started a temp job.

My laundry is really backed up right now, and I’m trying to catch up before I have limited mobility again. 133 more words

Non Sequitur

Big Changes Bring On Big Decisions

Gosh, I thought October flew by quickly but November has been even faster. It literally feels like just yesterday my family was vacationing in Arizona and now it’s mid November already. 781 more words


Developing an idea into an RCT: TERSC

Context: This post is the content of a lecture I delivered to Specialist Trainee Doctors  in Anaesthesia from the North West of England at the NWRAG (North West Research and Audit Group) QI & Research Day on the 24th October 2016. 3,786 more words


Gallstones: Can They Be Ignored?

The gallbladder is a tiny part of the body most people never think twice about. After all, when it does its job, there’s really no reason to consider it. 291 more words

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