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One Step at a Time (Rehab!)

After thirteen days in the hospital, the first eleven without food, I was ready to be discharged.  What started with a text to my supervisor on March 3rd, letting her know I thought I needed an antibiotic and was going to be a little late coming into work that morning, was ending nearly two weeks later, following two abdominal surgeries.   1,698 more words

Do Gallstones Always Demand Surgery?

The chronic pain and discomfort associated with gallstones and gallstone pancreatitis often drives people into emergency rooms or their doctors’ offices seeking help. For many of these people, a simple surgical procedure will be recommended to address concerns related to gallstones once and for all. 257 more words

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Preparing for your Hysterectomy or Abdominal Surgery

Sometimes things happen in life and catch us off guard.  Like being told you need surgery.  No one expects that to happen (well, those who do are an entirely different subject).   838 more words

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Hysterectomy: Don't Be Afraid Of Getting A Second Opinion

You’re probably wondering what the table in this photo has to do with a hysterectomy.  We’ll get to that in a minute (or two).

After having my surgery I was told it would take several months to feel somewhat normal again and up to a year to heal – everyone is different. 696 more words


You Might Want Prenatal Pillows Even If You're Not Pregnant

We offer prenatal massage to our clients who are expecting here at Under Pressure Therapeutics, and there are some obvious and some not so obvious precautions we need to take. 552 more words

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Acute cholangitis

Gallstones. Gallstones. More gallstones.

Acute cholangitis

Definition: inflammation and infection of the bile duct caused by obstruction, usually by gallstones

Aetiology/ risk factors:

Occurs when there is complete obstruction of the common bile duct resulting in cholestasis and infected bile. 508 more words


Biliary Colic

Biliary Colic

Definition: pain caused by symptomatic gallstones

Aetiology/ risk factors:

Gallstones can be pigment stones, cholesterol stones or mixed.

-Gallstones are symptomatic with biliary colic if they cause cystic duct obstruction or are passed into the common bile duct. 429 more words