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Surgery Snippets: Recovery

Last month I ended up having a pretty complex surgery. Most of my abdominal parts were affected. But, I’m happy to report so far, so good on the recovery front! 446 more words

Non Sequitur


Life just seems to be so overwhelming these days that I often find myself wishing I could add a little more time to each day . 419 more words


C-section recovery: 1 month later

I delivered my daughter 31 days ago and I am finally beginning to feel like my old self. This c-section recovery has been rough, let me tell you. 1,395 more words


Let's Chat Over Coffee....Wine....Tea.....

Let’s chat over a beverage of your choice, shall we? For me I think wine would be a good choice today. I have a bunch of random things running through my head lately that maybe getting them out may help me organize my thoughts. 487 more words


My Journey Back To Exercising: Workouts Of The Week

I started working out again this week since I have been released from my surgeon to do what I feel is comfortable to do. However, I am not to do any abdominal exercises for another month. 434 more words

Weekly Workout

My Weekend + High Hopes For The Week Ahead

It’s amazing how much improvement I have seen in a week. I am still working on stamina but it has definitely gotten better. My naps are shorter and not every day, which makes me happy.Which also means, I had some fun this weekend and got out and enjoyed life a little. 456 more words


Update....Trying To Get My Stamina Back

Stamina in definition says this: the ability to sustain prolonged physical or mental effort.

This is what I have trying very hard to accomplish the last week. 941 more words