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63 years old female with loss of motivation and appetite

Case provided by Tanja

A 63 years old woman suffers from lack of motivation and appetite.

Imaging findings
Abdominal computed tomography shows an intrahepatic mass in the left lobe. 303 more words


Let’s not call it “vanity.”

I prefer to think of it as “pectoral and abdominal empowerment.”

Abdominal Flab Reduction Tips

Abdominal Flab Reduction Tips……

Hello friends 😀

All of us feel really demoralized when we see a fit person with a perfect physique but we do not have the same physique and fitness. 355 more words


Rotational Chop Exercise

Abdominal workouts have presented a challenge to me since my disectomy.  Any ab exercise that involves pressure on the lower spine, such as the V-sit, is off the table. 563 more words


Start the Exercise: Part 3-Tummy

Hello followers!  Hope you are having a great day.  Hope you are not to sore from the previous workouts.  This article will be about working on your abs.  597 more words

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