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A strong body is something everyone should strive for. Working out will not only make you look better but it teaches discipline, boosts energy, brain power and so much more. 236 more words


Anterior Hip Pain- Take Home Sports Medicine Hacks Segment 3

Take Home Sports Medicine Hacks for Usual Pain Syndromes

Segment 3- Anterior Hip Pain

While at the American College of Sports Medicine Summit of 2015, I had the pleasure of listening to Captain Steve Blivin, Orthopedic Doctor and Executive Officer at the Naval Health Clinic in Corpus Christi. 1,092 more words


Top 6 Athletic Abdominal Training Exercises for Six Pack Abs

By: IAN GRAHAM  | Source: ShapeFit.com

Athletes have amazing abdominals. Have you ever looked at the Olympic 100m final and seeing the guys warming up for their race? 1,540 more words


6 Tips To Develop Athletic Six Pack Abs and Lean Abdominals

By: IAN GRAHAM  | Source: ShapeFit.com

Everybody wants to have a great physique, and whether male or female the number one area of the body most people want to improve the most is their midsection. 1,868 more words


Demystifying Qi 氣 - What is Qi Gong? 氣功

There are more cultures around the world than just the Chinese who have the concept of ‘qi’ (pronounced ‘chee’). In Hindu philosophy, the term ‘prana’ is used, which translates as ‘breath of life’. 2,088 more words

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