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Abdominal Laxity Correction Singapore from Allure Plastic Surgery

Abdominal laxity or bulge results from the splaying of abdominal muscles. This is often a result of aging or post-pregnancy, resulting in the weakening of both the abdominal rectus muscles as well as the fascia that overlies and separates them in the midline.

Abdominal Pains and Running

If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you – Fred DiVito


I’m recovering today from a severe bout of abdominal pain.  It doesn’t happen all that often (fortunately) but this morning’s episode was nasty.

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Personal Cultivation

39 years old female with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency

Case provided by Simone

39 years old female with recurrent diarrhea and decreased levels of pancreatic amylase and lipase indicating exocrine pancreatic insufficiency. At ultrasound, cystic pancreatic lesions were detected. 421 more words


CORE is Everything

The Scissor Kick ab exercise will surely help get your abs in shape. Lie on your back with your hands on your sides or behind your head and bring one knee towards your chest and touch the sky with your other leg, 15 times, then reverse legs.Another version is to lie on your back with bent knees, thighs parallel to the floor. 182 more words

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DJ Format and Abdominal new video for We're back

The brand new single from DJ Format and Abdominal has just been released on 7″ vinyl. We were lucky enough to pick up a signed copy at their superb Brighton gig last month. 22 more words


Daily Ramblings - Workout Log

Today’s Exercises


  • One Arm Dumbbell Row 4 x 8 (45lbs)
  • Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown 3 x 8 (140lbs)
  • Straight Arm Pulldown 3 x 8 (65lbs)
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Workout Routine

Effective Workout For A Strong Core

Sleek and strong abs are just one of the positive side effects of this workout. Before proceeding with this exercise, just like any other workout, warm up by doing some minutes of cardio. 258 more words

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