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Court interpreter charged with trying to kidnap girl

NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (AP) — A man who works as a contracted interpreter in Connecticut’s court system has been charged with trying to lure a 12-year-old girl from a courthouse. 122 more words


Barney and Betty Hill

What happened?

In 1961, this husband and wife found themselves in America’s first ever widely publicized alien abduction case as they claim they were not only contacted by some form of extra-terrestrial life but also kidnapped by them! 595 more words

WHAT would they want from us?

Now, its all good believing that there are aliens out there. It’s also fine to speculate what they may look like, how they may act and speak and live, how they may function. 423 more words

A Lot of "What?"

Now here’s a question. If aliens were real and were trying to communicate with us, or even walking amongst our planet, WHAT would they look like? 179 more words

Police in N.S. search for man accused of assaulting, forcing woman into car

Police appealed for the public’s help Monday in finding a man accused of assaulting and kidnapping a woman in a New Glasgow, N.S., parking lot. 279 more words


Prior to New Year, Japan’s Supreme Court stands firmly in favor of parental child abductions

There is no remaining room for us to keep ahead of our doubts; we have long since passed the point of disillusion at the indifference of Japanese state institutions, and at dreaming the idea that states (such as the U.S.) located in the global order will press for a means of rescue or protection of our abducted kids. 1,559 more words

Japan Child Abduction

Kidnapped Americans, Canadians rescued in Nigeria, Police Say

(CNN) — Two Americans and two Canadians who were abducted by gunmen in northern Nigeria this week have been rescued, a police official said Saturday. 241 more words