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The Wheel (1923)

Originally running in at eight hours in length, Director Abel Gance enters the annals of auteurs to follow vision first and tackle practicalities later. The Wheel… 966 more words


Classic Hollywood Birthdays

Jeanne Cooper, actress (1928-2013)

Abel Gance, director, producer, writer & director (1889-1981)
Billy Barty, actor (1924-2000)
Anthony Franciosa, actor (1928-2006)

Classic Hollywood Birthdays

End of the World

∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗∗ (3/10)

In a nutshell: This 1931 apocalypse film from French experimental mastermind of the silent era, Abel Gance, is a turkey of epic proportions. A heavy-handed religious moral tale from a director who fails to cope with the restrictions of sound films, and an all too obvious script that fails to surprise or engage the viewer. 2,206 more words


Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

Time on Screen: The Wheel and Early Cinema

DANIEL HAYES • October 8th 2014

Our inherited portrait of the silent era filmgoer is a caricature of rustic gullibility: he or she flees in terror from oncoming trains, ducks under the seats during gun fights, hollers instructions at the actors in impending peril. 2,050 more words

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Week 4 Discussion Post

Review the information in your book, from the lecture, and in the supplemental PowerPoint on French impressionism, avant garde, and surrealism. Then watch either… 27 more words

Discussion Post

J'accuse (1919)

I’ll start by telling you a story. A few years ago I worked as a Sales Manager for an Insurance Company. As part of my role I became involved in providing external training courses to largish groups of people. 1,081 more words

Ernst Friedrich, War against war (1924)

Susan Sontag
The New Yorker
Dec. 9, 2002

WARNING: Extremely graphic violence.

For a long time some people believed that if the horror could be made vivid enough, most people would finally take in the outrageousness, the insanity of war. 649 more words