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By far the most striking film I have seen in the last year was the restoration of Abel Gance’s epic 1927 Napoleon. Running at just over five-and-a-half hours (although in early screenings the film apparently ran to around nine hours), it is an example of the level of exuberant formal experimentation and stylistic refinement achieved by European directors before the introduction of synchronised sound film in the late 1920s forced filmmakers to adopt a far less dynamic aesthetic. 325 more words

Napoléon (Abel Gance, 1927)

One of the few films for which you can employ the term “epic” with absolute confidence, Abel Gance’s 1927 magnum opus Napoléon is a triumphant crescendo of the late silent era which cannot help but fill me with a certain resentment at the introduction of sound to cinema at all (or, at the very least, to the blockbuster). 374 more words


The Transformation of Naploeon: From 35mm to 9.5mm to Digital

We all knew that the release of Napoleon in a digital format was going to be a big event. Even bigger when it was announced that after the digital premiere at the Royal Festival Hall in early November that the rest of the country was going to get the chance to see the film in their local cinemas. 2,873 more words

The Last Battle

Thanks to Reveletor60 for supplying me with a subtitled copy of Abel Gance’s not-even-final-film AUSTERLITZ — so this edition of The Late Show: The Late Movies Blogathon can begin with an edition of The Forgotten on that august subject. 46 more words


Renegade Readers - November Meeting

I missed putting last month’s meeting up on this blog, but I will get it sorted.

We had five attending and as always a lively and enlightening listen and discussion. 99 more words


Triptych + Equirectangular

Another early 20th century film. Abel’s Gances 1927 film ‘Napoleon’ recently remastered, and featuring a famous triptych finale.

This is an other example of early 20th century cinema attempting to push the envelope and again I see similarities with what is going on now with 360 films, especially… 62 more words


The Sunday Intertitle: The Judex Files: Going Underground

The Late Show — The Late Movies blogathon — starts on Thursday December 1st and I am woefully unprepared as, probably, are you. But let’s get stuck into it. 560 more words