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John Nash: A Beautiful Mind


John Forbes Nash Jr., was an American mathematician with fundamental contributions in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations. On May 23, 2015, Nash and his wife, Alicia Nash, while riding in a taxi, were killed in a motor vehicle accident in New Jersey. 248 more words

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The Beautiful Mind

Beautiful Mind mathematician John Forbes Nash, Jr. (1928-2015) and his wife Alicia were killed when their taxi hit a guard rail and another car on the New Jersey turnpike on May 23. 979 more words


The last graceful act of a beautiful mind

Sunday morning, May 24th: I am having breakfast with a life-long friend, Ivar Ekeland, at his kitchen table in Paris, France. He was just back from Oslo, and was telling me about the ceremony for… 722 more words

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A Tribute to John Nash, Jr. Abel Laureate, Nobel Laureate: A Beautiful Mind

The following is a recollection of John Nash’s seminal contribution to Geometry. It includes some descriptions of his interactions with other mathematicians. I have picked it up  from his famous biography “A Beautiful Mind” by Sylvia Nasar. 3,906 more words

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an even more senseless taxi-ride

I was (exceptionally) working in (and for) my garden when my daughter shouted down from her window that John Nash had just died. I thus completed my tree trimming and went to check about this sad item of… 73 more words

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Abel Laureates 2015 John Nash, Jr. and Louis Nirenberg

The leading lights at Courant were very much at the forefront of rapid progress, stimulated by World War II, in certain kinds of differential equations that serve as mathematical models for an immense variety of physical phenomena involving some sort of change. 1,014 more words

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A 'Long Awaited Recognition': Nash Receives Abel Prize For Revered Work In Mathematics

by Princeton University Communications

The handshakes and congratulations, the smiles and shoulder claps, that Princeton University mathematician John Nash received from old colleagues and younger researchers in Princeton’s mathematics department had a special meaning for all present. 1,492 more words

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