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Mampu Pecahkan Soal Matematika Berusia 300 Tahun, Pria Inggris Boyong Penghargaan Prestisius Serta Uang 9,5 Milyar

Siapa ya yang menciptakan soal matematika sesusah itu hingga 300 tahun baru bisa terjawab. Ada yang tau dan bisa bantu mimin ?? :D

Beruntungnya, kini ada seorang pria asal Inggris yang mampu memecahkan soal matematika berusia ratusan tahun tersebut. 435 more words

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Abel Prize and Fermat's Last Theorem

This week was a huge mathematical week for a lot of reasons. I don’t even what to mention Pi Day anymore, but on Tuesday was the Abel Prize Award and I was incredibly excited for it. 684 more words


Oxford professor wins Abel Prize

An Oxford University professor has won a 500,000 pounds prize for cracking a 300-year-old mystery mathematical theorem described as an “epochal moment” for academics.

Sir Andrew Wiles has been awarded the Abel Prize by the¬†Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters for his proof of Fermat’s Last Theorem, which he published in 1994. 58 more words