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Tonic - Perfume that is Good Enough to Drink

It may seem somewhat odd to discuss a perfume label on a food blog. But we’re not talking about any old perfume here. Meet Abel, the world’s first 100% organic perfume brand. 232 more words


Book Review: Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin, #1) by Reyna Pryde

Book: Bound by Sacrifice (The Road to Ruin, #1)

Author: Reyna Pryde

Plot: A deal with the Devil can never result in good results and Acelynn is learning it the hard way. 539 more words


Read All About It!

Shortly after the new year began, I drove over to the public library in Zeeland, Michigan. Although my ancestors did not live exactly in the town of Zeeland, many of them lived in the farming areas to the east-northeast: in Vriesland, Beaverdam, Hudsonville and Jamestown.   766 more words


The Interview Continues ... Day 16 ... Religious Theater

After careful consideration as to the direction of this blog, I have decided—with no small amount of trepidation—to return to the dark recesses of the abyss and once again stand face to face with the most insidious and vile creature in all of creation. 1,700 more words


8. No Murder

Meditating on the Wonders of the Ten Commandments:  8. No Murder

Ex 20:13   You shall not murder.

This sixth command is the first of the short and to the point ones that now follow.  1,178 more words


NORTHLOOM: Carry Your Culture

When my sister posted her first batch of pictures from Barcelona and Granada last month, what drew my immediate attention was neither the gorgeous Gothic architecture nor the equally gorgeous legs of jamon hanging from a metal rod in the market. 541 more words