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Do You Do Right to be Angry?

I was grumpy. Those of you who know me may be surprised by that statement, but believe it or not, I do get grumpy from time to time! 949 more words


An Acceptable Sacrifice: Reflections on Cain and Abel

Have you ever met individuals who want maximum results with little effort? In schools, there are students who stay up late and study hard while others cram and procrastinate. 401 more words


[Trans] Demian – Chương II (I)

Chương II – Cain

Phần I.

Biên dịch: Gf93
Biên tập: An
Minh họa: High Blood

Sự cứu rỗi linh hồn tôi khởi nguồn từ một nơi tôi chẳng hề ngờ đến, cùng lúc mang một nhân tố mới vào cuộc đời tôi và chi phối nó đến tận hôm nay. 6,581 more words


September 12

Questions with Strange Answers, #9

Genesis 4:3-8 And in the process of time it came to pass that Cain brought an offering of the fruit of the ground to the Lord. 628 more words


Abel: Best Offering

If you read my last blog you know that I’ve been fascinated by the story of Cain & Abel in regards to faith and worship. Last blog I wrote I unpacked what a beautiful picture of grace we see in Genesis 4 when the Lord comes to Cain and warns him to repent and submit, rather than instantly levying judgment upon him due to his sin and wickedness. 763 more words

Cain: Grace & Justice

In Hebrews 11 is found a list of different heroes of the faith. The first man mentioned in that passage is Abel, so I took to studying and learning more about the story of Cain & Abel found in Genesis 4 to see why Abel was considered to be such a hero. 989 more words

Một góc nhìn khác của câu chuyện về Cain và Abel

Từ khi Bangtan ra short movie đầu tiên, và khi kết nối chúng với Demian, mình đã luôn bứt rứt, rằng mình đa gặp Cain và Abel ở một nơi nào khác rồi, ngoài kinh thánh. 996 more words