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Morning Pages 11.23.15

I don’t mind change & growth…unless it’s for the wrong person who turns me into a negative person.

Rambles About The Old Her 5...

I asked the universe for happiness… Then you started acting different.

You created a distance between us until every conversation was an argument highlighting our differences…

Biblical Story of the Mass

Host – Tom Nash, Fr. Wade Menezes

Prefigured in the Old Testament and fulfilled in the New, the biblical story of the Mass spans the breadth of Scripture and beyond. 997 more words

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The Cycle

Our best work as writers is when we’re falling out of love…
U used to make me beyond happy.
I didn’t have a care in the world. 216 more words

Recipe - Slimming World Egg and Bacon Muffins

Slimming World Egg and Bacon Muffins

½ Syn Each – Extra Easy (With Cheese)

Free – Extra Easy (Without Cheese)

Difficulty – Medium

This is our version of Slimming World Egg and Bacon Muffins. 197 more words


Who am I? and why am I here ?

My name is Simon and I’m here to share my daddy point of view on being a daddy on Slimming World.

I need permission from Laura before I can post on the blog (!) but I hope to share some of my life experiences from IVF to our sad puppy story, my love of coffee to my failing diet, recipes, reviews and TV shows. 10 more words