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Look How Far You've Come | 2014

2014 has whizzed by and we are already nearing the end of the first day of 2015. How have I spent the first day of a new year? 3,456 more words

Etholiadau Arweinyddiaeth 2015: Dyddiadau Allweddol

Rhagor o fanylion yn dod yn fuan….

Dyddiadau Allweddol:

  • Enwebiadau Ar Agor: 02/02/15
  • Enwebiadau Cau: 16/02/15
  • Pleidleisio: 25-26/02/15
  • Canlyniadau: 26/02/15
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The End of 2014

As 2014 comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on what on earth has happened this year. I realise that I’ve done a lot of reflecting recently but that’s because a lot has happened in the life of Louise! 2,009 more words

Today's Art (16th December 2014)

Although I have no plans to re-start my “Aberystwyth Series” as a regular feature again, today’s painting is based on another photo of Aberystwyth that I took in 2009 ( 93 more words


Home is Where the Heart Is.

The OED (Oxford English Dictionary) defines ‘home’ in a number of ways. It is most commonly used as a noun but it can be an adjective or adverb…but I’m not an English student so I can’t help you. 1,584 more words

And the thing i wrote after.

I have reached out with my heart to you three times. And everytime you have taken it gently (harshly) and put (pushed) it back in my chest, closing (slamming) the gates of my ribs with only minor pieces getting caught in the hinges. 68 more words


As insomnia strikes...

As insomnia strikes once more, what’s a better way to spend time that I should be sleeping by writing a blog post? There’s a lot I’ve been thinking about recently; university, church, friends, family…and I’ve been in the best frame of mind I’ve been in for quite some time. 1,217 more words