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ஏலே பித்துக்குளி-சுக துக்கம்!

ஏலே பித்துக்குளி -சுக துக்கம்?

‘ஏன்டா, துக்கம் வரும்போது, சிலர் கடவுளையே திட்றாங்களே?’
‘Sukha Dhukhe Samekirthva ‘ன்னு
என்னதான் பகவான்
நமக்குன்னு வரும்பொழுது,
நம்மால் துக்கத்தை
தாங்ககூடிய சக்தி இருப்பதில்லை!

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Race Wins ... Life Kills

Clock ticks at 7:30 AM still Abhimanyu has been sleeping.His class is at 8:00 AM.Do you think does he bunk the class?? No not at all…Because for his girl,Uttara who texted & went on talking till 2 AM. 429 more words

“ Aukaat “ Apani – Apani

  • The (Hindi) word ‘Aukaat ‘is a very useful word – though currently much maligned, due its usage in a derogatory way.
    • Many use it specifically to ‘ remind ‘ some one of his / her low standing , to denigrate , to humiliate – to express self , relative hierarchical superiority…
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जयद्रथ-वध - मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

Complete Book – Jaidratha Vadh (source – archive.org)

उत्तरा विषाद

प्रिय-मृत्यु का अप्रिय महा-संवाद पाकर विष-भरा,
चित्रस्थ-सी निर्जीव मानो रह गई हट उत्तरा!
संज्ञा-रहित तत्काल ही फिर वह धरा पर गिर पड़ी, 79 more words

Victor Arjuna

How could Abhimanyu or sons of Draupadi be around 16 years old during the war when it was said that Arjuna himself trained them in weapons, Dhoumya trained them in Veda, and the sacred-thread ceremony was also done even before the Rajasuya Sacrifice?

Answer by Raakhee V. Menon:

The ages of the various characters of our epics have been a matter of great debate since forever.

There are some popular versions like how it is said that Abhimanyu was 16 years old when he was killed on the battle-field, which would imply that the Pandavas (and Krishna) were probably in their early 40s when the battle at Kurukshetra happened. 1,168 more words